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  • ZoniKoni -

    Yo dude

  • Kumashii -


  • Dandy Dragon -

    Ey i kinda met you

    • Rikka Takanashi -

      That is actually my evil counter part that the Priestess created with her evil-magic-y cauldron. It acts as a "proper" person in public events, please kill it next time you see it. This is priority 1 mission.

      just kidding, hope you had fun wherever you were.

  • Dandy Dragon -

    2nd season of Chuunibyou will suck hard.

    Nibutani is what

    • Rikka Takanashi -

      Nothing will be as bad as Oreimo S2, so its fine.

  • Aiden the Misfit -

    Long time no see. Hope shits going well for you, Nub. :3

  • Ebenezer Scrooge -

    its easy easy, gotta gotta take it easy

  • Nubcake-sama -

    Dandy Dragon wrote:

    Your daily dose of loli, my highness
    FFFFFFFFFFFFFF- Tsukiko be so kawaii. Just keep eating, my maiden. ;(

  • Dandy Dragon -

    Your daily dose of loli, my highness