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Ask The Person Below You



Let's fight for life without disability !


!!HELP WANTED!! Video List Compilation!! PEWDS AND THE MEDIA





I want to help a friend out with youtube



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    Dropping in for old times sake
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    Quote from aaaaazvegna: “Sunny, I like warm weather! What do you do when you cannot sleep? ” I browse the internet researching random information that I'll never need until the sun comes up. What is the strongest memory of your early childhood that…
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    I've been great! How about you?
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    Hello everyone ! Today I'm writing this post to help someone. I'm writing to help a little fella named Filip. He was born with legs disability. There is a chance to cure it but it costs a lot ! (About 1 500 000 PLN so its near 366 000 USD) An american…
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    u homo
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    Posted the thread !!HELP WANTED!! Video List Compilation!! PEWDS AND THE MEDIA.

    Hey Bros! I need some help! I am writing an article on Felix talking about all the POSITIVE things he has done for the community as a whole for The Bro Army, and for the community of the world around us. I am about as fed up as many of you of…
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    Fuk en sibscreb
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    MEHGO~~~~~ HAI HAI HAI~~~~
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    I am an artist. and I am always bored and pewdiepie is my favorite youtuber. that's about it.