Hellos through lonely times

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    • Hellos through lonely times

      Today I kept asking myself: Is it all worth it? Should I try and write? Hmm... Hello there, brothers and sisters! Heraclit143 (AKA wlrbww// whinny littl ro b###h wannabe writerinno). I write to cope with things. Must understand more perspectives first, before I go on motherload lamentation mood. Must study some more English too. I invite you, if +15 and if you have a taste for horror and cringe to read my future content. If not but if the need to share opinion engages you in my timeline, pwease feel kind enough to offer positive criticism.

      Brofists and blessings of sisters.
      EDIT: Forgot to mention that what I write here isn't written in this form anywhere else. Only on this forum. Please receive me into your community, I am nice person and I love PewDiePie. I love how he expresses himself and it's nice to watch his progress throughout the years - the many way he expressed himself and reached out to all of us in a way or another. He is an inspiration. Thank you all for being here.

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