just Saying,if pewdiepie is Racist then what do we call Filthy Frank

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    • just Saying,if pewdiepie is Racist then what do we call Filthy Frank

      i believe filthy frank is making a more racist content than pewdiepie ,but no one is attacking him because they want to attack only the most famous youtuber in the world
    • Yep. They wouldn't gain enough attention by attacking someone with less viewers. They came to his house to ask him if he wants to come on their platform to apologize and have his voice heard, which is a clear sign that the original article was just bait. Pure lies, to force Pewds onto their sh1t publication to defend himself. They don't understand he already has a much bigger platform on youtube, a much larger audience.

      They called him a racist, not because it's true, but because people don't like racism and they will feel a strong desire to defend themselves from such accusations. It's a buzzword that easily catches on and people are so easily manipulated into not even needing any evidence if the accusation is true or not. It's just horrible lies. They try to silence him and tell him he can only save himself if he speaks out on their terms, on their platform and plays by their rules - as if they'd rule over him.

      Also Franku is blatantly over the top with his humor making his jokes clear, whereas Pewds uses a lot of irony and satire to deliver his jokes. It's more subtle which makes it funnier and more interesting (to me atleast), but also easier to take out of context and misrepresent the point of the joke. Pewds is in a way a more credible content creator, whereas Frank is a kind of a clown and no one expects to take anything he does seriously.

      Pewds has to represent himself in the media on a more personal level, Felix has to go out there in the real world and still be in front of the camera. He can't simply be hiding behind a Youtube Clown mask. And the media is trying to attack that person behind the mask. They're attacking an everyday normal human being who's just trying to live his life like every one of us.