Hi I'm Rad!

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    • Hi I'm Rad!

      I'm at work, where I should be working, but HECK IT! Made an account here to show support for Felix and help bring a positive light to the community.

      About Rad - I am a Technical Support specialist. If you need computer or software help, just let me know! (Or just smack your monitor a few times, I've seen that work before) I live in Arizona where the weather is 90% warm and sunny, but once it hits 50 degrees everyone wears snowpants and down jackets. I have two cats, Max and Lola. Max I found through my local humane society when he hit me on the head as I walked by, and I found Lola just wandering around like a dingus in my apartment parking lot. (She walked up to me and laid on my lap as soon as I sat down to greet her. Couldn't resist!) One of my goals in life is to eat one of every pasta, and there's like 150 kinds so, better get crankin'! I also have a pretty crazy sense of humor and I laugh at the dumbest things. I grew up on videos like the GI Joe PSA's and shows like Space Ghost Coast to Coast so you can tell right off the bat i'm off to a great start lol.

      Ultimately I am so thankful for what I have but it takes courage to admit that you want something different at the same time. That's why I started my own YouTube channel. I hope to bring more honest content to YouTube and inspire others to do the same.

      That's probably enough of an intro. Thanks for reading, let me know if you have any questions! Have a great weekend everyone <3

      TL;DR - New girl youtuber talks about herself WooOOOooo

      What the heck is this garbage

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