How could we ever fallen for Pewdiepie's lies?

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    • How could we ever fallen for Pewdiepie's lies?

      I am heart broken, how could I ever liked and supported an anti-semite? I thought he was a Youtube's sweetheart, when he appeared to be a Nazi. I thought his jokes were edgy, until J. Rowling told me that they're not. I even made a game about him once, and now I wish to undo it.

      Seriously though, the title is a clickbait. I've been wondering why all of this crap is falling on Felix, it seems so unreasonable that a group of people want to assassinate his character, while Felix has never took any political or ideological sides besides the common decency and some South Park style humor. And I think that all this is happening because mass media is jelly.

      Pewdiepie is a self-made character, without a big corporation and production team behind him. He reaches to more audience than the most popular media outlets out there. That makes his more influential than the "people in power" within the media group. He is potentially dangerous, because he is not being forced to go through the censorship (besides the very general on on Youtube). When Pewdiepie started criticizing the media more, he became more dangerous. The media can work together for years to shape an ideological thinking of the crowd, but if Pewdiepie once will decide to speak to his audience contradicting the propaganda, their work will go to waste. Of course that applies not only to Pewdiepie, but to other self-made internet personalities too.

      And so they take precautions. They know that assassination of the character would be impossible if Pewdiepie and them would be in an actual argument already, so they act now. But it will not work, because that's not how internet works. The more they pull the strings, the more they fuck themselves over.

      And one of the reasons why Pewdiepie has such an overwhelming following compared to corporate media groups is because he never pushes his ideology or tries manipulate opinions.

      Cheers guys
    • Well said Olia! The everyday normal person who's a content creator on social media has now become the TARGET of media's attacks.

      They are not attacking Pewds as a comedian who made a controversial joke, they are attacking him in person by accusing him of being something he's not. That's a difference: People can disagree with jokes, but still not lie about the other person's intentions. A bad joke doesn't turn the good man into a bad man, it makes him a good man who told a bad joke.

      It's clear why the Wall Street Journal liars did what they did:
      They come to Pewds' house after the scandal and offered him a chance to defend himself on their platform because: The Wall Street Journal falsely accused Pewdiepie to set a bait for him, so they could get him to talk on their channel, so they get more fame, money and views. They want to use Pewdiepie's fame to their advantage and they don't do it by flattering him but by slandering him.

      Here is proof The Wall Street Journal has been going down, their site history for the last six months.

      We need to defend him and the truth by becoming stronger, being louder in our support. We need to show the world that this community is strong and stands by Pewdiepie, stands by love and humor and laughter and creativity and unity of all people through the means of humor.

      We know these attacks are just lies and slander but they are meant to take down their target. They are literally trying to bring down a person who is loved and understood by 54 million people, a man who's LIFE'S WORK is to BRING JOY!

      The old traditional media dares to lie about him! Facist, nazi, racist, misogynist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic - ever heard any of these accusations? Ever had someone BLATANTLY FALSELY accuse you? Why are these buzzwords thrown around so easily without any proof or care for the individual accused? Today these words don’t exist to help raise awareness, they exist as attacks to shut down innocent people - They don’t have to listen to a person who’s labeled as *insert any of the terms above*. And it doesn’t matter whether you are what you are accused of or NOT, because their sole purpose is to set people against each other and stain your image - render your opinion unworthy of anyone’s attention even if you’d want to defend yourself. You can be the BEST PERSON ON EARTH who advocates for love and laughter, but they can still call you by these names and try to take you down. And just like Pewds said, when the media uses these words so lightly the words lose all meaning, so innocent people get blamed without a reason, while real issues are dismissed because the words aren't used correctly.

      Why does the media do this and why does that work for their advantage? That is them showing their power. Them telling you they can silence anyone. They can silence you.

      But they can’t. Keep watching your favorite Youtuber, keep subscribing to like minded people that share your values, keep liking and spreading the word. Keep tweeting, blogging and creating that culture around them. Keep a leveled head and question accusations, even if they’re aimed at people you disagree with, because good ideas are silenced by muting people with different views. Strengthen the people’s voice even further. UNITE THE PEOPLE - instead of falling apart. Even if you disagree - because you’re fighting the same fight against the old media who is trying to control you.

      The lying main stream media elitists, like the Wall Street Journal are ruining the society by setting people against each other, as well as ruin the rising new media entertainment industry. They are now doubling down on their attack against Youtubers. The dying traditional media with their lowering view counts and out of touch biased reporting is collapsing under the popularity of interesting, fun and open personalities that reach our everyday lives and deliver us both facts and laughter. First they came for Pewdiepie, next they’ll come for you and your other favorite Youtubers!

      If you want to go directly to the source of all evil and talk to these fake news outlets be polite, don't accuse and slander like they do but ask a lot of questions. Question their morals and lies, question their motives and let them know you know the truth. Let them know you know they lie, that their platform has lost all credibility and respect in the eyes of the people. Let them know you have lost all faith in their journalistic ethics, let them know they themselves have reveal how mean spirited, poorly researched and horrible their content is. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY: Show support FOR PEWDS, be loud, make yourself heard and seen. Spread the word and spread the truth. BE WHAT YOU ADVOCATE FOR: LOVING, LAUGHING, HUMOROUS, GOOD HEARTED PEOPLE! STRONG PEOPLE WHO RIGHT WRONGS AND CORRECT LIES, STRONG PEOPLE WITH GOOD WILL AND WHO THINK FOR THEMSELVES!

      Image source is Sargon of Akkad's video. Very analytic and informational real talk about the main stream media: