I'm new here!

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    • I'm new here!

      Hello! Nice to meet you random person browsing through the BroArmy forums! I go by the name of Smiley in virtually everything I play, give or take a few exceptions. While I am a recent in these forums, I have been watching PewDiePie for quite some time now. I am currently 16 years old, and I have been watching him since almost the very start, back when his Amnesia Custom Stories were a thing. I may have also been around when he did his unfinished Skyrim playthrough on his old channel, if my memory is correct. While I may not be a die-hard fan of him, I respect how much effort he has put into his channel to become popular, and although I haven't been subscribed for long I still view him as a good role-model.

      But enough about the big cheese, hm? A bit about me. I am a caring person and I try to avoid upsetting people I know. If I upset someone, I often go through great lengths to cheer them up. While I am forgetful and clumsy, I sincerely try my best to make myself and those around me happy. As cliche as it sounds, this is pretty much my behavior. I live in Britain and I don't really like it here. The weather is awful. But I love my tea. I hate tea, believe it or not.

      Well, I hope you enjoyed reading, random person scrolling through threads. I do hope you have a nice day.
      I'm addicted to gaming. I'm not proud of it. Please help.