Let's fight for life without disability !

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  • Let's fight for life without disability !

    Hello everyone !
    Today I'm writing this post to help someone. I'm writing to help a little fella named Filip.
    He was born with legs disability. There is a chance to cure it but it costs a lot ! (About 1 500 000 PLN so its near 366 000 USD) An american doctor provides some operations and also rehab for those diseases. He gives 100 % guarantee that Filip will be able to stand on his foots by himself. So here I am to call you for a support.
    I'm not doing it for my own profit. I'm doing it to help this little bro.
    Below I attached a link with donation site.
    It is in Polish language but you can easily translate it by google ( AM I RIGHT ?)
    Every penny is needed !
    Come on bros ! Let's help a Little Filip to give him a chance for a normal life !

    Zawalczmy o życie bez kalectwa: Fundacja Siepomaga zbiera w Siepomaga.pl
  • You know, it's nice that you're fighting a good cause, but in the advent of online scammers everywhere, I have to refuse. The reason I'm leaving this post here is just in case some random person falls for this and ends up donating. If he really is in need, leave it to a charity. Also, you can't 100% guarantee a surgery on I'm guessing the nerve system in someone's leg will go fine.