!!HELP WANTED!! Video List Compilation!! PEWDS AND THE MEDIA

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    • !!HELP WANTED!! Video List Compilation!! PEWDS AND THE MEDIA

      Hey Bros!
      I need some help! I am writing an article on Felix talking about all the POSITIVE things he has done for the community as a whole for The Bro Army, and for the community of the world around us.
      I am about as fed up as many of you of the articles being released against him and his work, so I need the references of videos he has posted talking about these issues. From the clickbaits and unverifications, AAAALLL the way back to his contributions to Charity Water and the Humble Bundles!! I would also like to include the video where he announces the release of things like his games, and this website.
      There is over 3000 videos to look through, and with so many, it means these are lost in quite the sea of content. Which is why I am calling for assistance in retrieving these videos! Anyone who can help it would be EXTREMELY appreciated, and I'll list your username in the credits of the article! PLEASE AND THANK YOU