Hello fellow squirrels :D

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    • Hello fellow squirrels :D

      My name is Jrmiah, pronounced: J-RMI-AH I am a long time bro and supporter of Pewds! And also kick ass gaming content creator. I am excited to participate in the forum with all you bros and maybe we can get on some e-adventures together. :D
    • Hey are you a Tuber Simulator developer? I've got a suggestion to add to the game.
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      Blacklight wrote:

      In my mobile the part of the screen where the buy camera appears - that cross section has a problem, the touching won't be detected. So I'm stuck at the first intro unable to proceed because I have to buy the camera first. Usually what I do to fix this is rotating the screen and touching (that changes the location of that item to a touch-detecting area). But Tuber Simulator does not allow screen rotation.

      So my suggestion is to add auto rotation feature for tuber simulator
      OFC we would all love to have some adventures, what are you planning to do? BTW I think the bros (including Pewds) aren't much active these days :(