Gain 100.00b Total Views

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    • Gain 100.00b Total Views

      Hello fellow Bro's,

      For those who have gone quite far in the game, you have probably come across the star quest where you have to gain 100 billion total views. Yes, not 1 billion but ONE HUNDRED BILLION TOTAL VIEWS.

      I'm level 33, have played the game every day since around the start of October and have 2.81m subscribers and only have 2.66 billion total views. Am I the only one that thinks this quest is a little unrealistic? :/

      At this rate I will get to around 16 billion views each year. That calculates to approx. 6 years of playing time for me to complete this one particular quest ;(

      If you are reading this and agree, please leave a comment. If we get enough comments then this thread could get the attention of Outerminds/PewDiePie to see if this particular quest can be made a little more obtainable. Of course there's every chance they'll see this post and think tough $#!+.

      Also, if you have managed to surpass this target already, can you comment on how you obtained so many views (without cheating) and what comes after this?

      Thanks Bro's!!! :thumbsup:
    • I completely agree with you. It's a shame that the Quests are not thought through at all. The "Reach lvl 30" and now, the seemingly impossible 100b views quests are ridiculous, if you compare it to the previous ones we had before.

      The reward appears to be miniscule as well - what are you going to do with only 2 brains and a sand grain of subscribers at such a high level anyway? What's the point.

      I'd almost rather they'd drop the pretence and have you run out of quests.
    • i think i can explain the purpose of it. Its an acchievement reverse psychological trick. The little bastard stays on the list to make you feel incomplete and shitty. Then, as you play on and on, you see it and think to yourself, "If i just keep playing, maybe its possible!"
      Then the fairy in your shoe says, "F--- you!"