(serious suggestion) Find a way to moderate the fukcen contest submissions

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    • (serious suggestion) Find a way to moderate the fukcen contest submissions

      So the most recent threads (more or less) discuss that the tuber simulator contests needs some moderating. I can strongly agree that they should be fukcen moderated. The game is fun, the Halloween events got me excited, and i loved buying the Halloween themed items and creating a themed room as you can see below (haunted
      house theme below, i think it's pretty spooky, and others would too, if they were able to fukcen see it)

      I mean i had fun, until i saw that no one saw the room i put a lot of time into.

      One solid way that can help is that if you enable friends and followers that visit your room to be able to manually vote from there, so at least that way it's not completely random as to who wins the theme based competition. This way we don't have to waste time going through anywhere between 10 and upwards 300+ room just to see ONE room that actually fits the theme in any way, and it encourages the gamers to interact more with each other and to create a stronger game community.

      Or you can queue each submission so that they have to be approved (yes i do understand how many ppl play this game and how that might be an obstacle) but if the moderator was able to view the submission queue they could probably go through it a lot faster than through the app (the app runs very slow for checking rooms)
      additionally if you need a moderator for cheap, I'll totally be A-Okay with receiving an email with a link that leads to a queue of several thousand rooms and quickly checking through each of them and removing any that clearly don't match the theme in any way.

      In case you do need an extra hand to do really menial / annoying things like that hmu @ [email protected]
      Or you can apply both, just to be safe!

      Thanks again outerminds team, you're doing a great job still :D