Amnesia - Best one out of them all?

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    • Amnesia - Best one out of them all?

      I'm looking to buy an Amnesia game, but deciding which is really hard. I was wondering if I should go for 'A Machine for Pigs' or maybe 'The Dark Descent.' Not sure which so maybe someone has some suggestions! There are a lot of mods for Amnesia which is nice so are all the games mod compatible? Thinking about Amnesia gives me some 2011/2012 pewds vibes :P

    • Hello there Brofisit,

      In my opinion the first Amnesia is the best plus the already awesome mods/custom story's you can add!

      I've played both of them in a very dark room and with headset so i would be completely concentrated on the games but i must say, the second Amnesia wasn't that good.. Yes the story was very interesting but the lack of things you can/had to do in the first game was abit of a downside for me!
      To be clear, my vote goes to 'The Dark Descent' much scarier and much more fun!
      And trying to speedrun these things are a unique way to play it!
      Goodluck with choosing your choice!

      Kind Regards
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