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    • I would love some ahegao faces!!! furry ears/paws/tails/fur... tentacle monsters and others of the sort, futanari characters (maybe as 3rd and 4th genders, one feminine with double parts, one muscular double parts, maybe even 5th gender which is completely neutral looking), dragon dildos, guitars, a spaceship, huge swords, jelly girls, monster girls, huge demons, mini demons, hellfire blazing pentagram, burning fire decoration, spirits, future guns/swords/suits (super slim high tech cool suits, not bulky giant tank suits, bleh..), dragons, knights/templars/assassins/clerics/paladins/peasants, elves/dwarves/halflings/dragonborn/minotaurs/goblins/orcs/trolls/you-get-the-point.../pewdiepie-doppelgangers, cult people with hoods, angels, a sexy duck girl, falcon lover merch, shining goddess (colossal) Marzia, evil satan bunnies, blood fountain, hentai boxes collections (so you can pile them all on the side of the room), cow girls, katanas, anime haircuts (like Cloud Strife), colossal boobs and nipples, devil girls kissing, devil boys kissing, angel boys kissing, angel boy and devil boy and human girl kissing, a talking rock, a talking cock, huge wings of many styles (laser wings, angel wings, bird wings, electricity wings, skeleton wings, ice wings, etc. wings, more wings), a sign that says "This is my life now", sign that says "I am so happy playing this game (help)", a sign that says "Core Massage Zone!", and a fountain of a hentai girl squirting with a ahegao face.

      And before you say anything, you are the one who asked what I wanted.

      Also more interactive minigames! Puggle gets boring after 3 rounds... you just click once and watch dynamic variables run at each other... I want to play something, and outerminds are known to be making fun to play games, I'm pretty sure they can come up with more minigames that are far more interactive and engaging, I want minigames that'll be so fun I would forget I'm even playing tuber simulator for a moment.

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    • I honestly think that there should be a eBay or an amazon option. You could buy from other players. Sometimes whatever you bought would come just the way you want it and other times you should get ripped off. I think that'll be a pretty cool idea.
    • Maybe adding a feature which allow tubers to change their nicknames for one time because some people lost their first account with their original name (which is me) and the original name for my account cant be used anymore because it is with my lost data acc. so maybe mind adding nickname changing feature?
    • Great idea!

      Wall shelves that you can put at any height and put small items (plants) / animals on it. Really curly hair (not wavy - not an afro), walls / floors/ desk that are marble ? (Not sure if it's a thing yet, I'm level 16), cowplant from sims?, white walls - not cream. Customisable coloured items like we could change the colour of the cat etc. Mobile phone accessory? I like the tablet, nice touch. Conversion of currency like views to brains?? to bux?? and vice versa, etc. as I have 4 brains and I cannot do anything with them, I need to get it down to 0 somehow, more plants with flowers, cherry blossom trees? Mushrooms, Cake, Car/vehicles??? Tank? Motorcycle? Galaxy wallpaper, rainbow walls? White carpet. Waterfall fountain, separate head accessories so if I want to put a hat or whatever on, crown, dark brown (not reddish) hair, a way to cancel an item being shipped? Animals can be placed on couches/ chairs, The price for puggle goes down along with the time so you're not spending 100k for the last 10 minutes. I'm really enjoying the game so far thanks :)

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    • Collab - like if you and another person follow each other you can collab and not only will you get views and subs off a video but they'd get like a small percentage also

      Shoutout - kind of like the gift feature but more precise, you get to give one per day or something to someone you follow

      Sell items for views, wasted a lot of money on stupid stuff
    • 1. Increase the maximum number of friends we are allowed to add. 100 is just not enough :D
      2. A sell function!!
      3. Include what we already had in inventory whenever we are at the buy page. I always forgot that I already had this item in my inventory. It's a hassle to keep scrolling back to the inventory page to see what we already had. It would really awesome if you could categorize the inventory page too.
      4. A LIFE SIZE PEWDIEPIE CARDBOARD!! If there's an ainsley one, WHY NOT A PEWDIEPIE ONE??
      5. Collab system - that would be dope to be able to collab videos with other tubers. Probably happens when we visit other people's room. I mean, we visit other tubers' rooms but can't do anything and just look at what they created. It would be great if there's more interactive function when we visit other tuber's room.
      6. A chat function with friends?
      7. Some items in the game can't be placed on flat platform, like for example, I would like to be able to place a barrel on the chair. More freedom on such functions please. I think it would be more fun that way.
      8. A lootcrate similar type of box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It would be really awesome to be able to unbox them and we can get new stuffs every month according to a specific theme.
      9. The function to change your furniture colors. Because WHAT IF I WANT A PURPLE DINOSAUR???

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    • It would be great if we could sell some items for views or subs that we don't want anymore. Of course not for the full price, but just to clear some items away if we want something else but don't have enough room for it, or simply can't afford it and want to exchange some things to buy it.