Pewds, there is a glitch to get free items in tuber simualtor

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    • Pewds, there is a glitch to get free items in tuber simualtor

      Hey pewds & everyone,

      So just like everyone else, I'm loving tuber simulator right now. Haven't put it down since I installed it yesterday. But I after experimenting with Bux and working out what they were, I discovered a bug which let you get any desk and monitor for free. So I've made a video to highlight the issue and hopefully help with debugging for the outermind team by showing you guys exactly how to duplicate the issue. Of course for all of you players out there, you can also abuse the exploit for a bit if you want before it gets patched.

      Now before any of you start shouting at me for sharing the exploit. I am not encouraging others to use it. I made the video for two reasons, firstly to try and get as much attention to it as fast as possible to make sure it gets fixed ASAP, and secondly I know how helpful it is for game developers to see a step by step walkthrough of how to duplicate bugs when trying to fix them. Of course my video may lead to more abuse, but it's not game breaking and honestly it should be quite easy for the devs to reset everyones desk and monitor to what they should be when they fix it.

      Anyway enjoy: