Hi Felix! How are you?

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    • Hi Felix! How are you?

      Hi Felix!

      I am a relatively new bro, so I'm not sure if today was all part of your normal humor or not.

      I subbed to you a few years ago out of the blue back when you were still making Happy Wheels videos. But sometime around 6 months ago, I started watching your videos again. I never knew how funny your videos were! For example, the episode that you did with the new car had me rolling around! It takes real talent to come up with comedy like that. I showed that video to my close friends and family. Heck half of the people that I showed that video to had no idea I watched your videos (think I lost a little bit of street cred, sorry Pewds). Your videos really moved me, I think. I started watching your videos daily after that.

      I was so happy when you decided to take a vacation and enjoy your anniversary. I imagine it's really tough to make content for millions of people around the world on a daily basis. If you think about it, it's amazing how you even juggle full time Youtube, app development, traveling, sponsors, crazy fans, (a bunch more things I'm probably missing because I don't know!) I watched the vlog that you posted after your vacation and it made me hesitate. I wondered "Did Felix want to post that video online?".

      I thought your vacation was something for you away from youtube.

      So, because I'm hooked on your daily videos, when today's video didn't show, I checked your twitter feed and I found your deleted video from today. Bad agar.io clones aren't too interesting to talk about, haha.

      I felt it. I think you felt it too. You felt that gut feeling where something is off. You shouldn't pressure yourself to release or post a video just because of your own set schedule!

      If you need to take another vacation from YouTube, just do it! I want to see you happy.

      Just be yourself.

      - Anonymous Fan