Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?

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    • Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis?

      So Bros the question today is...... Have you ever suffered sleep paralysis? and if so, then what is your most scaring story about it?

      I suffer from sleep paralysis mostly when i get sleep on a car trip, I don`t really know what of being on a car triggers it, because I actually love trips, but when I sleep on cars I get sleep paralysis. The scariest time was today!!!! i was super tired because i only slept 3 hours because i was doing Homework, and the whole day was pretty tense because I woke up late, didn`t drink any water, had a little cold (or flu whatever you call it) and had to do a presentation, but the teacher made me feel pretty uncomfortarble all day today with a talk he gave me about pottential, any way after a long day at school, My dad picked me up and asked if he could do a "quick" visit to his work (a lie, but i already knew he was gona take a lot of time so I said yes) after a few hours I knew I was going to pass out because of my exhaustion so I decided to go to the car (I didnt want to pass out in my dad`s office) so I got in the car and watched some video, it was hot but i thought my dad wasn`t gonna take too long, so i decided to stay, I passed out, When I woke up I opened my eyes felt like I was covered in sweat, but i also felt pretty dehydrated, so when I tried to move out of the car for some water I couldn`t move I could only move my eyes a little and I tried to scream for help becuase of the desperation, but no sound was coming out, time passed and with some practice I could only do a little murmur that was just gibberish, when I finally could move i felt like all my body was super scared definitelly the worst experience relating sleep paralisis I ever had (don`t know how long it was but felt like a lot) :/
      <3 Life Loves you <3
    • I actually have experienced sleep paralysis only once in my lifetime.

      It was back when I was still living with my parents.
      I was constantly rolling over in my bed, not able to sleep, when I finally tried keeping calm while laying on my back.
      I kept my eyes open, let out an exhausted and annoyed grunt because of the sleeplessness, and just stared at the ceiling.
      Suddenly, even though it was dark already, everything around me became a couple of shades darker.
      I had also lost my sense of hearing.
      I felt something heavy on my legs and chest, as I saw what appeared to me as a man's silhouette climbing on top of me.
      As it firmly grabbed my throat with one of it's hands, I tried struggling out of his grasp, but I couldn't move my body.
      I was paralised.
      I tried to yell and shout, but not a single particle of sound came out of my mouth.
      I had an illusion, a thought that the silhouette was trying to inject something into my neck with it's free hand.
      After struggling for a while with no result, I gave up and wanted it just to get over with.
      The silhouette disappeared, the atmosphere turned a wee bit brighter, I could hear and move again.
      I felt quite scared, as you might have thought anyway.

      At first I thought it might have been an incubus attack, but as I don't really know whether to believe in such things or not, I'd just take it as a part of sleep paralysis whereas you see ''shadow people''.
    • Yes, based on my research it is common for people who suffer sleep paralisis to also feel and see presences that go no more complicated then shadows, those instances turning into violent events from time to time, tho I have suffered from sleep paralisis multiple times and never felt those so I guess it depends from people to people.
      <3 Life Loves you <3