Frame Rate Issues

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    • Frame Rate Issues

      So the typical answer to this question of why do I have frame rate is usually due to the specs of your computer... is it possible for the specs of your computer to literally just stop functioning? Recording or not I have the same frame rate issues atm on games that should never be a problem for my computer. I have taken this thing apart 3 times to see if maybe the wires aren't fully plugged in to the circuit board... any ideas what could cause I'm assuming maybe some form of memory leak? My drivers on my GPU are up to date and even overclocking isn't helping my issue. Literally every game is having frame rate issues for me and this has been an issue that's been slowly getting worse frames used to be around a constant of 60-45 and now will range from 15-1 fps on even the lighter games and this started at the same time my computer decided it didn't want to display my second monitor anymore so maybe there is a connection between the two (the PC will acknowledge the second monitor is there, but the monitor itself doesn't display.) someone please help! :/

      Edit: I just took apart my computer and put it back together for a 4th time (Does that mean me and my computer have a sexual relationship?), but this time took out my GPU and moved it. The second display issue is fixed! Frame rate increased to a range of 50-30, still not working at it's optimal speed, but I can't really complain because it's playable now compared to two and a half days of only being able to troubleshoot the issue.

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