Change in the Online Gaming Community

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    • Change in the Online Gaming Community

      I have been a big gamer ever since I was born because my family had a SEGA when I was born, then we got a PS1 eventually leading to my parents helping me get an Xbox
      Classic and playing in the online community as well as being a huge guild wars one player when it first hit PC's, so I have seen a development in the gaming community and
      especially in the online gaming community. When the transition from Xbox Classic to Xbox 360 hit I remember seeing a huge rise in online interaction and a positive change
      to our internet gaming community as a whole, in almost every game as the years went on in this generation of consoles(From the start of the Xbox 360 until the start of the Xbox One). Every consoles community started to get better. For example you'd join a game with a whole bunch of random people and they were usually pretty chill group of people enjoying whatever game they were playing together winning or losing having fun in ranked and in un-ranked. This was amazing for me and when the Xbox One's console generation was announced I was super exited to see how the community would be impacted for the better with all these "recording game" and "Share" features they added. To my surprise I feel like this generation actually made a decline in the socialization between players even in the PC gaming community :( . I was wondering if I am the only person that is noticing this or if I have like gamer's schizophrenia* or something and I need to be more open on these games?

      I also though, have a reason for why I think this is. I believe that these recording and sharing features have made gaming more stressful for some seeing as it could put an edge to the game where you feel like you have to be the best. If you agree with me that you've seen a decline in the socialization of gamer's (not counting YouTuber's that are collaborating or IRL friends playing together, but random searched matches) I'd love to know why you think why!