Anime Expo 2016

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    • Anime Expo 2016

      Oi, Weeaboo here

      Today probably is a very late time to talk about what happened recently during June 30th - July 4th

      Anime Expo 2016

      For people who have no idea what Anime Expo is:
      This event is held in the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California every single year during June 30th - July 4th.

      Basically the reason I'm creating this post is just to share what I saw, what happened, and all the amazing stuff to all of you guys. Enjoy!

      June 30th (Day 0)
      So this day is a day where people pick up their badges. Badges are basically the passes required for you to enter the expo. You can order these in the anime expo website and pick them up during any day you want from June 30th - July 4th. During this day, the expo itself is not open yet.

      Basically what I did was wait in line for two and a half hours waiting to get my badge. It was really really hot too since the weather wasn't doing well for us.

      July 1st (Day 1)
      So this day is the first official day of Anime Expo.

      After arriving at the LA Convention Center, we realized we had to wait in another line for the security to check our badges and make sure we didn't have any explosives in our bags. After this process, my friends and I entered the Convention Center and saw lots of people, from cosplayers to just regular people. Then at 12 P.M. the Exhibition Hall and the Entertainment Hall opened and as a result, the whole crowd waiting for the doors to open started flooding in.

      Front Gate of Anime Expo

      Inside Anime Expo

      For me, I was really dying to get a Umaru Nendoroid from the Good Smile Company booth set up at the left side of the Exhibition Hall. When I got there, however, the line was insanely long and I had to again wait in line in the sun for a good 2 hours and 30 minutes. While waiting, goods got sold out, including the Umaru Nendoroid I was hoping for ;( I guess I have to wait until the 14th when I go to Japan for that Nendoroid. Anyways after waiting, I decided to get myself a Hestia Nendoroid instead and got a plush doll for my sister.
      Hestia Nendoroid (so kyut)

      After buying both of the goods, I walked around just a bit more looking at everything and left to go home.

      July 2nd (Day 2)
      So this day is the second official day of Anime Expo.

      There were wayyy less people than Day 1 of Anime Expo so the line that people wait for the security to check our badges and our bags were really short. After I entered, I finally was able to just look around all the exhibits they put up in the Exhibition Hall instead of waiting in line for the entire day. There were many booths such as AnimeBento, Crunchyroll, Aniplex, Gunpla, and much much more. After looking at these exhibits, I decided to go to the Entertainment Hall where most of the "Anime Games" were being played. In this hall, there were lots and lots of computers and monitors with people playing CSGO, Call of Duty, Super Smash Brawl, Naruto, and other great games. There were even arcade games such as DDR, Pinball, and stuff like those. My favorite things in this hall were definitely the Itasha Alliance and the Miku Racing decal cars. They look so amazing and clean!
      Racing Miku Mitsubishi Lancer Evo Asuna Yuuki Acura

      I also checked out many cosplay along the way including Overwatch, Miku, and lots of other characters.

      Shinoa from Owari no Seraph

      Ikoma from Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

      July 3rd (Day 3)

      The third official day of Anime Expo

      Going with the trend of decreasing people here, Day 3 of Anime Expo felt wayy less crowded than Day 2. Basically in Day 3, I spent the whole day visiting the Exhibition Hall and the Entertainment Hall one last time and finally going to the Artist Gallery. In the Artist Gallery, there were many drawings that many people have been drawing and selling. Some of these drawings were ok or meh while other drawings were insanely amazing. Unfortunately, these artists did not want me to take pictures of their art so I have no pictures. After looking around, I decided the day was done and left for home.

      I know that there was a 4th day of Anime Expo but the last day is July 4th and I felt that it was better to stay home and celebrate Independence Day with my family than to be by myself in Anime Expo.

      Overall, Anime Expo was my first con and I have to say, it was pretty fun and amazing. I expect to go to more Anime Expos in the future and maybe I'll cosplay too. I really recommend you guys to go there, look at all the stuff that they have to feature and buy some souvenirs as well. Thanks for listening!

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