The Solus project

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    • The Solus project

      It's an unknown (by that i mean that it's not famous at all) SF adventure/exploration/survival game with a hint of horror (or at least extremely spooky at times). The story goes like earth has been destroyed you are colons looking for a new habitable planet but your ship explode and you land on the surface of the planet in an escape pod. It has great ambiance and story and looks cool. Also it has VR capabilities but i couldn't test that as i don't have the gear. I don't know why it's so little known though because it deserves to be more known.

      video is from an old version so it's a bit different now, the guys is much more silent now :O
    • I'm playing this game at the moment and I don't know why this game wouldn't impress you! The story line is earth has been destroyed and your looking for another planet to sustain human life when the ship you're in is shot down and your character made it to an escape pod in time. Unlike the game The Forest a survival game that is similar in ways, there is a general direction the game pushes you in and you feel like you're actually a part of the games world being the, from what you know, only survivor of the ship being shot down as you continue to see if this is the planet and solar system to replace earth and its solar system, you're pushed through a more in depth story line that shows you unexpected things and many secret items, with a horror atmosphere. I haven't finished the game if there is an ending, but if when you beat the game or the story line that is there for you if it became just a survival game I'd be okay with that. This game is also VR Ready for Oculous and HTC VIVE which would make this game even more of an amazing experience, but I will note you have to have at least a half past decent computer not quite a computer beast to get the full experience.