Reviving Dead Online Games

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    • Reviving Dead Online Games

      Let me start this off by saying I really appreciate how much exposure Felix has brought to small indie games. Having such a large fanbase gives the opportunity to bring attention to things that are otherwise overlooked, and between charity drives and obscure stuff in general (from Nero's Day at Disneyland and Broken Note to the relatively obscure titles in the 3 Free Games series) I think he's made the most out of his influence. I can personally attest to the overwhelming feedback and revenue I got from him playing PewDiePie Adventures, and I imagine if he were to play one of my games now he might very well put me through college with a single video.

      That said, I think it's interesting that he's never thought to revive older MULTIPLAYER games. It's cool to see how many fans now play, but that game was/is already on the up-and-up. The videos are entertaining, but I can't help wondering what would happen if he were to play something that originally had several thousand players but now only has a few hundred. I'm aware that there's been a big issue with him crashing websites due to the size of his fanbase, so perhaps it would be a better idea if he did a handful of games all in the same video to curb that effect. This would also have the side effect of allowing him to show off a game with a very small amount of footage, since a lot of multiplayer games just aren't built to make good gameplay footage. Finally, even if the video was a flop, the added exposure of thousands of new players could literally boost a game's lifetime for years.

      I have a couple suggestions of my own but I know these are far from being the only games that could fit into this category, so feel free to suggest your own. Keep in mind I'm referring specifically to old games whose popularity has declined over the years, but maintain a small user base that would love to see the game get a second chance.

      Example 1:
      Platform Racing 2 (2008). There's not a whole lot to this game. It's your standard 2D platformer. Like Happy Wheels, the game is entirely comprised of user-made levels, some of which are better than others. Also like Happy Wheels, a really smart designer can create different kinds of logic systems to extend the game beyond a simple racing title. At the height of its popularity it could have ~600 players online at any given time, and several thousand returning players. Now the servers almost never rise above 100. It's playable at (video: )

      Example 2:
      Legend of the Green Dragon (2003). The online interactions here are fairly indirect; you can only attack players who are offline, meaning that battles are fairly automated. That said, the majority of people playing this game also want to engage with a community, and that community has shrunk from ~3000 to ~400. LotGD is entirely text-based, and also limits the amount of actions you can take in a day, making it the kind of game you end up playing for only a few minutes at a time. While the game begins as a fairly lengthy quest to level up and kill the dragon, subsequent replays transform the feel of the game significantly as you begin to distribute stat points and unlock different features up until around the 50th time you beat the game (obviously not something that needs to be shown in a playthrough.) It's playable at (video: )
    • Love the idea!
      I used to play platform racing2 a ton, sadly gotten very dead just like you said ;S A very good game indeed!
      I have a suggestion for a game aswell that's near extinction, it's a third person shooter. The playerbase has declined a shat ton since it's peak in 2012 ish
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