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    • Freedom Network

      Guys i have problem,so i got offer from Freedom Network to join they're network.And i saw many videos at Youtube where people says that freedom network scam you and stole you'r money and there is again other side wich defend freedom network and saying they are the best network for Youtubers and helping you alot.So maybe you guys can tell me something more about freedom network and maybe recomend me join or decline to that network?

      P.S. I hope you guys understand me and my english :D cause its not my native lanugage :( . Peace and brofist :brofist:
    • Honestly it is best to stay away from networks especially when you are small. They don't really do anything to get you more views and their only real use anymore is to maybe keep you safe from copyright strikes which is pretty easy to take care of yourself when you are small. I can understand why bigger channels need networks for that kind of stuff but usually any network that comes to you only wants one thing which is your money.
    • If the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.

      Then again, if the network seems legit and they're interested with working with ya, then it's worth a shot to look into what they can offer you as a channel.
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