BRO ARMY - New Recruit - DestBest, Blockchain-Jedi - Waiting for Orders...

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    • BRO ARMY - New Recruit - DestBest, Blockchain-Jedi - Waiting for Orders...

      I feel like I m a :barrel: , help me become a :brofist:

      Who am I ?

      I am a millennial, like most of us, I grew with the internet.
      Follower of the Messiah, PewDiePie.

      What can I bring to the BRO ARMY?

      I am blockchain-savvy ("Bitcoin stuff") and I am ready to share my knowledge as a Blockchain-Jedi to any
      padawan that take the time to ask me questions.
      I want to help us all grow together.

      Why am I here?

      The Force showed me the near future,
      I saw our ARMY, organizing itself through Blockchain Technology for the great PewDiePie.
      I saw our ARMY, stronger than ever before, exchanging, building, helping, I saw us help children by the thousands, and it was all just the beginning...

      How can YOU help the BRO ARMY ?

      Just try and learn something about Blockchain Technology today, search on google, ask me questions :?:

      Try it yourself, if you post your Twitter account below, I'll send you some BROFIST, it's a token on a blockchain (like Bitcoin).
      Once you have your BROFIST, you can send them on Twitter, just include: #sharebits @Receiver Number BROFIST in your t
      Ex: "Hey @PewDiePie, here is 10 BROFIST, you deserve it! Sended through #sharebits" :thumbup:

      -Ask PewDiePie to do an official Token for the BRO ARMY and give the fee generated through trading to a charity :thumbsup:

      What do YOU think would be great for the BRO ARMY ?


      A BRO :brofist:

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    • Welcome to the forums. I see you met our secretary Dash... Well, I'm the next crazy person here. Name's Tophat, but you can call me Lee :D
      I'd rather live with broken bones than lay here all on my own like a lovesick fool.

      If you need me, visit my about me section on my profile for my skype contact.