Pinned We have not been hacked.

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The forums have been archived. Please read this thread for more information.

  • We have not been hacked.

    As you may have noticed, the forums have been targeted by a "hacker" crew, who managed to cause nothing more that minor annoyances to our forums and the team.

    There was no damage and no user account data has been stolen, considering they did not have access to our database and even if they did, the passwords would be encoded and basically useless, seeing how they cannot be decoded.

    Furthermore, the information they gathered from Felix is old and not accurate anymore; they did get access to some of his accounts, but they are no longer being used [As you can see from the screenshots they posted, most of the information is outdated].

    Regarding what actually happened, it's quite simple: they gained access to Felix's forum account, proceeded to deface the website with poor CSS skills and scavenged some of his information, which again was pretty much useless.

    The blame is not on the whole team - and to reiterate, no damage has been done.

    Still, we do apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you.

    -DanOS, Supervisor