Youtubers' Revolution (Fanfic WIP)

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    • Youtubers' Revolution (Fanfic WIP)

      Jack, Mark, Ken, Cry and Felix were making their videos for their YouTube channel, as usual. They played videogames, made vlogs, and even checked their previous videos to read the comments of their subscribers. After their work, they took a small rest and chatted with each other in Skype.

      “Hey, guys. Are you there?” said Felix as he sipped some coffee from his “I’m Sexy and I Know It” pug mug. Mark laughed a bit and said, “Yeah, we hear ya, Felix.”
      “It’s been a very long day now, huh?” said Ken as he was opening some canned soda. “I’m exhausted.”
      “Me too” said Jack as he was fixing the angle of his webcam.
      “I’m tired, too” said Cry. Nobody could see his image in the video chat because his webcam still doesn’t work. “Being a Youtuber is hard, but it is really fun.”
      “Yeah” said everybody in agreement.
      For about half an hour, the group continued chatting.
      Felix: Hey, did you guys receive an E-Mail from this guy too?
      Jack: Which one?
      Felix: The guy named “Tumor.”
      Ken: Hold on. Let me check.
      Jack: Oh, you mean the guy who sent us a link to another game?
      Felix: Yeah, him.
      Mark: I have an E-Mail from that guy.
      Cry: Me too.
      Ken: Oh, here it is. I see it.
      Mark: It’s really fun to see a lot of people suggesting a lot of games for us to play.
      Felix: Yeah, but the problem is, we really don’t know if it’s just another spam.
      Jack: *sighs* Yeah. There are a lot of haters out there who just won’t stop.
      Cry: Well, we really can’t stop them. “Haters gotta hate”, right?
      Ken: Right.
      Felix: Let’s check our anti-viruses if the website “Tumor” sent us is safe.
      Mark: That’s a great idea.
      Everybody checked their anti viruses if the link was safe and it proved that it was indeed not a spam.
      Cry: It’s safe, guys. Don’t worry.
      Since the game was okay to download, the group started to download the game’s installer and installed it immediately.
      Felix: Hmm, it’s a game that’s just been released just now?
      Mark: That’s what it said.
      Cry: So, we’re the first people to ever play this game? I saw that there were still zero downloads.
      Ken: I’m not so sure about that, but we should just probably check it out.
      Jack: I can’t wait!
      They all decided to sign out of Skype and started opening the game after it was installed. Everyone was able to open the game flawlessly, but…
      Felix: Hmm, I don’t see any loading bars… Maybe I should…
      Felix was stopped by a voice he noticed in his headset. It said, “Felix. Felix, are you there? Felix, can you hear me?”
      Felix: Wait, the game knows my name? This is so awesome!
      Mysterious voice: Felix, if you’re watching this, I need you to listen carefully.
      The monitor started to view a figure of a man wearing a grey sweater and a green headset. The vision was so blurred because it looked more like static, but you can almost see the person there. Felix tried to press the Escape button on his keyboard, but it didn’t skip the dialogue.
      Mysterious Character: Don’t bother skipping what I’m saying. I am not a game character.
      Felix: Of course you are. You’re literally inside a videogame.
      Felix tapped the monitor once somewhere random for no reason. I guess he did that to simply tease the person.
      Mysterious Character: Okay, if you really think that I am a videogame character, try tapping the screen again.
      Felix: Wait, can the game really respond to anything I say or do? My monitor isn’t even a touch screen. The creator of this game surely did something really incredible to this game.
      Felix took the dare and tapped the screen once, but before he could even touch the glass, the Character started to place its hand just where Felix’ finger was hovering. Amazed and laughing, Felix tapped on the screen multiple times more, until the Character spoke again.
      Mysterious Character: Look, if you still believe that this is all a game, I want you to close your eyes, breathe slowly and calmly, and try not to react to loud noises. Not in the game, but literally, do it.
      Felix closed his eyes and breathed slowly just as the character said. Suddenly, the monitor started to emit such a light that it completely illuminated Felix' entire room with just pure, white light.
      Mysterious Character: Now, raise your hand towards the monitor.
      Felix: Do I really have to?
      Mysterious Character: Just trust me, okay?
      Felix already knows that something is happening, but he chose not to open his eyes because of the bright light.
      Mysterious Character: Okay, now, no matter what happens, do not let go of my hand.
      Felix: Wait, what?
      Felix was so confused that he just opened his eyes and saw an arm coming out of the monitor, grabbing his hand and pulling him into some sort of white portal. Felix tried to struggle free, but it seems that it was too late. He was already through the portal. He fell unconscious, but woke up after hearing a voice.
      Cry: Poods, are you okay?

      (Message to reader: I updated the story for now. It's not much yet, since I only added like a few sentences from it, and I also removed the excess spaces separating each dialogue. I am still wanting your advise on what I am going to do here, if I must continue, or stop. By the way, thanks for reading.)

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