Monster Hunters Recruitment!

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    • Monster Hunters Recruitment!

      So, i've been playing the game Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on the 3DS for a while. I now am in G3 Gold Crown and now i am struggling to do quests without having team mates that triple carts and quits after second cart. I've tried playing online constantly, rarely find a good Team (consists of 4 people, 3 besides myself) It's pretty hard finding a good team that can help farm or just hunt for fun, due to the fact communication is HARD beacuse of the fact that typing on the 3DS takes SO MUCH time.
      So if any bros out there plays the game, intrested to play together and have a relaxing material gathering hunt, message me!

      I have: Skype and TeamSpeak (pm first)

      If you just started playing the game and need some help, you can message me!

      If you're cool enough, i'll give you my Nintendo Friend Code ;3

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