The Legendary Giveaway 2015

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  • The Legendary Giveaway 2015

    Dear Bros and dear friends!

    To celebrate the ending of another wonderful year, we decided to treat you with a humble gift.
    We are sending you on an epic journey alongside our favorite duckborn YouTuber, PewDiePie!

    For the always hyper and supporting members of the Broarmy, we have prepared a special giveaway, that contains 10 Steam codes for accessing the newly created gaming adventure of PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist! That's right! Out of the participating Bros, 10 lucky ones will shortly after receive the codes for the brand new, epic quest with PewDiePie and several other heroes of gaming and the YouTube world.

    But! Before we start sharing the goodies, let us go through some of the important things regarding the participation in this giveaway.

    Join your favorite YouTubers on an Epic Quest in PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist.
    Enjoy this amazing 2D platformer!


    ⋆ UNLOCK ALL THE YOUTUBE STARS and try to beat the game as PewDiePie,
    Marzia, CinnamonToastKen, JackSepticEye, Cryaotic, Markiplier and more!
    ⋆ REAL VOICE ACTING by the YouTubers!
    ⋆ FIGHT EPIC BOSSES to save your fans!
    ⋆ BEAT ALL DIFFICULTY LEVELS and prove that you are a hardcore gamer!
    ⋆ CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS in the survival arena and brag about your score!
    ⋆ COLLECT ALL THE SECRETS hidden in the stages.
    *Description taken from Steam.
    To check out the video presentation of what you will be getting, click here!!

    Like what you see? Well then, there is only few simple things you will need to do, to have a shot on getting the goodies:
    1. Share with us a FRESHLY MADE photo or snap of your best brofist. Feel free to be spontaneous and creative about it, include more people, be silly, brofist a tree (greenthumbs yay!), share an additional message, anything goes as long as it is not violating the rules and regulations of in any way. (NOTE: Please, make it original and unique. Pictures taken from the internet that aren't actually yours WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED! Same goes for insulting, revealing or any other images that violate the rules.)
    2. You don't wish to show us your face or your messy room? Your camera sucks or you simply have no interesting ideas at that point? Fear not! Not everything is lost! You can always participate with your writing skills. All you need to do is contact AT LEAST one of your friends that is NOT a part of the Broarmy (that has no registered account on, and invite them to join in (yes we are attention junkies and we are using you for getting more people but hey! You still get a chance to win a nice reward ;3). The invite should be as well creative and unique in the style of the always positive, happy-go-lucky Bro you probably are. Make it fairly short and precise, no more than one paragraph. It also should contain the link to inside, so we know it refers exactly to this site. The "invitation" can be made on any social network you have. All you need to do, after you send the invite, is to snap a nice screenshot and send it to us! If you wish for your contact, or your friend(s) contact to stay unknown, feel free to blur out or crop the contact info or revealing avatars that might occur on the screenshot. (NOTE: If you are sending more than one screenshot, only the first one will be taken into notice. Give everyone a chance of winning by not overdoing it. It won't give you any significant advantage you think you might be having from it.)
    3. Feel creative more than ever and you want to share it with us? Great! You can do both brofist AND the invitation, OR, share with us your message and good thoughts for the fresh beginning of the new year under your brofist or invitation, just to give it that additional personal stamp. (NOTE: Picture of brofist or the "invitation" screenshot are still mandatory and only messages, without one of these two, will NOT be considered!)
    4. Once you have your material ready, simply reply to this thread with it and hope for the best!
    Just thought we could make some things clear...
    1. DO NOT reply more than once to this thread. If you do reply more than once with the different content, you will be disqualified.
    2. DO NOT reply with any other messages than giveaway participation messages. By this we mean "I LOVE PEWDIEPIE!", "Notice me, Senpai!", "LOL", "Hi!" and similar kind of troll messages.
    3. DO NOT fish for attention. We would appreciate if you would leave begging for the prize as if it was the cure for cancer out of this. We understand that all of those that participate equally want a chance to get the code and there is no need to push it into our faces. We get it. And again, it won't give you any significant advantage over others, it can only make us disqualify you for being an ass. Don't be an ass.
    4. DO NOT post the content in neither the typed part nor your pictures, that would violate rules, offend others, show aggression and similar. Not only will you get disqualified but also probably banned. It is a common knowledge around here for any other post, but we thought we should remind you once more. Same goes with posting entries with double accounts.
    Easy! After the competition is closed, we will go through the submissions and choose the winners that will later (by the end of the following week AT MOST) be notified with a PM containing the code. If you won and got the code, we would appreciate you giving us confirmation as soon as possible, letting us know you received your reward and that it is working just fine. You will once more be reminded of this in the PM itself. Also, we will let everyone know once the codes are given to winners and the giveaway closed.

    Now! Without further prolonging, we pronounce the giveaway OPENED!

    This legendary giveaway expires at the end of the weekend, that is, 00:00 a.m. (+1 CET).
    Any replies posted at 00:01 a.m. and later will NOT be taken into consideration!


    Disappointed that you did not receive your free code this time? Fear not! We are having another round of surprises coming just around the corner, so make sure you are around to keep yourself updated on the second chance to grab your prize, just before we say goodbye to the productive and hectic 2015.

    Looking forward to your submissions and participation!
    Good Luck to everyone!

    The Team
    On the outside I may appear like an emotionless sarcastic piece of shit, but just like an onion, when you peel off more layers, you find the exact same thing every single time and you start crying.

    If the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off!

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  • >clever description of dano

    Challenge accepted.

    Since the dawn of time,
    or maybe twenty twelve
    A man has been here
    Who made the forum be delved

    A protective guardian,
    but also a feared attacker
    Bans the shit out of
    people asking for a backer

    Clear voice, deep tones
    making all mods follow his command.
    Why would anyone actually question
    someone so incredibly grand.

    FPS, Free To Play
    What doesn't this guy know?
    Hardcore gamer, a true pro,
    Makes me look like a Dutch hoe.

    Dano, please.
    Keep on having fun.
    To me, and to many others
    you are the number one.

    (dedicated to @DanOS)
  • I'm ugly, shy and have no friends in order to participate this contest but I do want to contribute, so here's a poem I wrote... I hope u like it


    This heart <3 is red
    This brofist :brofist: is blue
    This site has cool threads 8)
    Believe me it's true :)

    Have you signed up already :?:
    To suggest what Pewds :pewdie: should play
    Read the rules, be ready :!:
    For weebs and roleplay ||

    The brochat is laggy :S
    The server is down ;(
    Mods and members are angry X(
    Oh, a new contest is around 8o

    Will we ever count to 5000
    Or win the last post instead :huh:
    Finding a rhyme with thousand is hard 8|
    That's what she said ;)

    The devil :evil: is red
    This smiley :( is feeling blue
    Who the fuck is Dano ?(
    I still have no clue! X/

    - gamer_rye, a loser and a member for 6 months now!
    Thank you mods and members, I made some friends here :D :brofist: