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      Hey bros! I just found a website named as KaraokeParty which I found from pewds older videos. If anyone of you is interested, please take a part in this karaoke and record your results to see WHO CAN SING BETTER! It would be really really fun! They have got many types of songs that you can sing!
      I'll link you to that website: KaraokeParty.com - Free Online Karaoke Party Game
      If any of you guys ALREADY know this site then...GOOD FOR YOU :P Just kidding! You can take a part in this too. I'm too excited to see what you bros will do! MY first song which I sang was Imagine Dragons-Demons which...umm I guess it wasn't good enough XD! So, I really wanna see what you guys do! I'll share my result first and DON'T JUDGE MEH ;-;
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