*clears throat* attention felix and marzia's comment sections

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    • *clears throat* attention felix and marzia's comment sections



      Maybe they hate each other now. Maybe they were never madly in love. Maybe they are going through couple problems. Or maybe they are inseparable. Maybe they're closer than ever. I don't know. No one really knows.

      If you're genuinely worried about how their relationship is going based on what you observe from short video clips they upload online for some reason, sure.
      But don't treat them as some sort of soap opera couple whose personal relationship is available to be discussed at length and analyzed for our entertainment. Don't think that we know everything there is to know about them and their lives because ho ho you watch vlogs by 'em on Youtube. Don't bring up their sex life. Don't bring up what you personally think is going on behind the camera. Stop bringing up things that are not okay!

      I think netizens are just gonna do whatever. But I'm sick of seeing this treatment from people who call themselves their fans.
      If you call yourself a "fan", at the very least, treat them like actual people. thank you, bye.