Pewds, please stop making fun of Bronies

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    • Pewds, please stop making fun of Bronies

      I've been subscribed to you for years now, and your videos usually cheer me up. I think you get more hate than you deserve from people outside the Bro community. The other day however, I had a really rough day, and when I watched your video I only felt worse because you made more fun of Bronies. As a fan, I am a little insulted, yet could take a little criticism. But many of your videos in just the last week alone also had you insulting the Brony community. Like with your fanbase, ours gets more hate than it should too. Sure, there are the "cloppers", but that's not everyone and every single fandom has their own version of that, not just ours. The reason the show has fans is because the show is actually pretty good, and the fact that they're ponies is irrelevant. If the show were about narwhals, we'd probably get less hate, but the show would be the same. Yes, there are more girly-ish elements, like the intro sequence, but there are also some pretty serious episodes, very funny episodes, and high action episodes. And aside from that, just like your Bros, the Bronies have a huge fandom that's highly creative and makes amazing animations, songs, artwork, fanfictions, merchandise and more all based on what they love. I would really appreciate it if you could tone down the criticism, or maybe look more into it before holding to your opinion. Thanks- A Bro.
    • If you're taking offense from a video with poorly made jokes you don't like you're doing the internet wrong. I feel for you about having your passions insulted but imo you shouldn't let stuff like this get the better of you. Are you still going to be a Brony? I gather you are, so I don't think you should bother your time trying to correct the people who either don't accept you or laugh at you.

      Saying that I do believe there's a problem when someone as big a status as PewDiePie says comments like that (I haven't seen the videos so I'm just going with what OP said). It's just an opinion and he's free to say what he likes but he has to be careful when spreading a negative opinion. He could very easily start a revolution by accident so I think it's important he remembers to watch his words. I don't mean to say I want his opinion oppressed, just that I think he should be wary.

      If I recall correctly way back in the day PDP didn't make too many offensive jokes, and if he did he apologised or said "no I'm kidding I love x". I would love to see him return to his comments that didn't target any specific groups. Even though I don't think it's a big deal and you shouldn't be offended by someone not liking the things you like or you (because of what you like), I do think that the world and people like PDP could be a little nicer. It's not the victim's fault they get hurt.

      Though if he just said one or two things that weren't even mildly offensive I think you should reconsider what you're doing on the internet. If he's actually starting a revolution against Bronies and I'm oblivious to it you can die a martyr.
    • I understand what you're saying, but it was at least three times in only the past week, and not all of them were just simple jokes. In one of his more recent FNAF parody videos, he insulted the fandom. If it was less frequent now, or if he wasn't being more hateful comments, I would be fine with it, like I said originally. But it is more, and it bothers me when I'm only watching his videos to enjoy the content he provides.
    • Obviously I'd have to watch the video to make a proper judgement about whether or not I think he 'insulted the fandom' but I do believe that it's possible he said something offensive and either blew it off or made things worse (like he did way back when he called everything that was bad "gay").

      My only advice is to try and ignore PDP for a while, but what's said is said and when feelings are hurt they're hurt. I hope you're not too affected by it and you're able to enjoy liking MLP and PDP in the future.
    • PewDiePie is in the entertainment industry and I think you're mistaking entertainment for insult. Now, the first thing you think to yourself is, insulting one persons beliefs isn't entertainment right?

      Unfortunately the lines on what's acceptable in entertainment is blurred, you see comedians making racist jokes, radio talk-show hosts making sexist remarks and practically every run and gun game with a decent fan base will have you shooting at people wearing turbans. Why do such instances that clearly disregard what's right in the world continue to thrive? Because people find it enjoyable. It's nothing personal, PewDiePie has 35 million fans to care too, sometimes things will slip or he will cater to the larger audience.

      Don't take it personally.
      Much Love,

      Hooty :brofist: