Forum Update

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    The forums have been archived. Please read this thread for more information.

    • Forum Update

      The recent downtime was necessary in order to update the forum software and also to do some server magic.
      At the moment we're still working on optimization, hence the slow loading times not to mention that some of the features listed below [as well as the theme changer] aren't available yet - but fear not, soon everything will go back to normal.

      The 4.1 update will bring many changes but there's no need to panic. They will affect your browsing experience but in a positive way, ironing out some of the aestethic flaws and more.

      You'll find the "changelog" below.
      • You will now find a filter in the dashboard box that allows you to swich between your followed user's feed and everyone else.
      • Limiting access to one's profile has always been a feature, but this resulted in a generic "Access Denied" message. This however changed in the update, and now restricted profiles behave just like normal ones, yet all data which falls under your privacy will be hidden.
      • It's now easier to tell if an user has been banned without visiting his profile. A tiny lock will appear next to his/her name.
      • Threads now have a built in post number to quickly reference posts.
      • The Share Buttons can now be configured to enable/disable selected social media providers.
      • Quotes will now display the author's avatar next to them.
      • Profiles now have a new tab in their profile in which they can review the likes/disslikes they received/gave.
      • The image viewer has been greatly improved.
      • The "Watch Thread" icon now updates its style if a thread is currently being watched [or not].
      • Sections like Suggestions require mods to enable threads before users can interact with them. However, authors are now able to access and view their submitted content regardless of the approval status.
      • Posting a link to an internal forum without providing a dedicated link title will now be recognized by the system and it's title is being replaced by the actual forum name.
      • The dashboard has been improved and now displays more boxes in the sidebar:

      • Users online
      • Followed users online
      • Birthdays of followed users
      • Staff members online.
      We'll need another maintenance downtime soon to work on loading times - there's no ETA yet, but we'll let you know.

      -Ectre, supervising since the dawn of time.