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    • Little Sense That Could

      Dear users, bros, friends, gamers...

      Originally, I planned on posting something like this on the date it should have been posted, June 21st that is. I am more or less certain that small number of you that are around actually realize why that date is important for every social network and every place on the internet where people of all ages and profiles go to socialize, exchange stories and experiences, etc. However, due to some unfortunate events that my colleagues and I witnessed these past few days, I felt the need to do this earlier. Now, before I start, this text might as well be pretty long and if you do not feel like reading, don't, but be aware that this goes for each and every one of you and I am not planning on repeating myself in this manner. Better safe than sorry. I just wanted to remind all of you on the subject that is so easily forgotten, not mentioned at all around here and most certainly not taken as seriously as it should be. Most of you generally knows what "Cyberbullying" is but let me explain it to those that might not be certain about it. All of you that do know about it, please, bear with me through this first part. Thank you.

      "Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites. Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles." - From Home |

      Now, I don't want to teach you why it is so important to pay attention to it or why and how you should handle it in general. That is something you can basically find everywhere and definitions and "How To?" step-by-step help isn't my main goal here. Luckily enough, we are not on the verge of actually needing a "crisis plan", but a little bit heads up won't hurt. Not only here, but on several other social sites, I have witnessed numerous kinds of intolerance, getting even, revenge or just being plain mean. All, by default, sad and pathetic to witness. It always seemed to me that people who somehow find the last resort in cyberbullying while dealing with other people (whatever the motive is) do not actually realize how much damage they cause not only to a certain person, but to the entire community. We, as a team, do our best to maintain a healthy and productive community, away from everyday problems, unhealthy topics and hatred. Even though, at the end, it sounds a little like the Utopia, our experience so far tells us it isn't impossible if we all simply accept that each and every one of us matter and that each and every one of us can make a certain amount of change around here. Only way that can be done is by doing something good for ourselves first; get away from prejudice, stereotypes and intolerance towards different opinions and different thoughts. Wouldn't it be nothing but boredom if every mind was the same?

      It is perfectly normal for thousand and thousand of you guys that we have around not to get along nicely with each and every person you encounter, but keep in mind that that person is a person that won't change just because you decided you do not like the way they think or act. Would you? I believe, the answer is no. Why to irrationally expect the same thing from someone else that you just happen not to fancy enough? It is alright. There are people that will like that person for the same reasons you won't. There is no need to be stressed about forcing them to change. I do also understand how some people can come of as annoying, weird, silly, whatever you feel like considering... keep in mind this is your subjective opinion and doesn't necessarily portrait the personality they really have, Most important thing, that I believe we all tend to forget from time to time, is that person you are chatting with is only the person they want you to know. Hate to burst your bubble but not every name they go under is their real name, not every life story is the story that is actually true and that is just fine. Nobody will just go around talking about uneasy experiences and share every single detail with you just because you asked, therefore consider that you


      You can't possibly know if they are suicidal, depressed, are they here to look for friends, to just kill the time and hang out, to run away from problems... From experience, people that really do have problems that they are coping with may just come off as the happiest and even the most annoying people around. So before you call someone "annoying", or tell them to "get a life", think about this first. If you don't feel like having a conversation with that person, a simple but clever ignore or just laying off from the chat a bit, will do a better job than insulting them. Even though this may sound a little stretched in this case, because a lot of people believe just intense, repetitive and severe cases of cyberbullying lead to disaster, we know that the biggest disasters like Amanda Todd, Ryan Halligan, Megan Meier, and many other cases that I suggest you look up, all started with simple things. So, before you decide to spam someone's profile, openly and with hostility tell them they're not welcome, spread rumors about them or simply turn other people against them, think about how was their day, how do they feel and what consequences that could lead to.
      To those of you that have some of these people that shared their true life stories with you in private, keep in mind that they believe in you and that they trust you with something that they do not feel comfortable about in general. Don't betray their trust, don't share the stories and don't assume other people might understand if the person doesn't agree with it. Not even if you get into a ridiculous argument with that person. There is many other healthy ways that could be resolved.

      All of you that were cyberbullied at one point and to all of you that might become the victim or already are becoming one. Stop it. No one, and I mean NO ONE is worth it. If you love and respect yourself you won't ever care about opinions of others. As I said before, there will always be people that think, say or openly suggest that they don't like you. That is also fine. You are being yourself and someone else might just appreciate you as you are. You can't win all the sympathies now can you? ;3 But you also need to realize that people that are giving you a hard time might as well have their own problems that they want to project to someone else. Maybe it is not about you at all, but neither getting even, nor feeling pathetic about it is a solution. You don't need to be the victim and you don't have to have your strings pulled by someone that has no idea who you even are. How ridiculous is that anyway? The easiest thing you can do is to simply block them, report them, even ignore them. Why would you be afraid to do so? They are nothing and nobody that has ANY possible way to harm you unless you want to let that happen. If you wish for it, you can always discuss this matter to someone you feel you can trust or anyone you feel suitable for it. Also, I understand that especially teenagers get carried away with all the romances and on-line relationships they get involved in, but keep in mind that it might not last forever, keep in mind that the person you are dating might get upset after the break up and keep in mind that, if they really care, they won't ask you do to reckless things. Don't assume they ask you too and do it yourself and don't accept that kind of request. If they mind that, it is their problem.

      And finally, for all others that do not belong into any of these two groups, you are a part of this large community. There is a lot of you and not enough of us. Therefore, I ask you to report any case of cyberbullying, no matter how harmless it seems like, if you have a feeling that it is indeed that. We appreciate all of your efforts to help us get aware of all the things that are going on around here. And again, if you witness an attack like this, try to stop it decently but don't get provoked. It will only make things worse. If the person doesn't seem to plan on stopping it, report it to us for we can do something about it when nobody else can. Don't take sides just to attack and insult other person. You are welcome to express your opinion, but being persistent and in a manner of humiliating the person, will result in you being treated the same way as any other verbal abuser.

      With all this said, I want to thank everyone that got to this sentence because it means you took some time to read all of my blabbering and you deserve a cookie ;3 Even though I wrote this, I am positive the entire Team agrees, so consider this made by all of us. No matter how certain people are that we love banning and muting people and love being called names, we don't. Not as much as you would like to. Therefore, it is again concluded that you will get a respect for a respect and tolerance for tolerance. Not just by our Team, but from other users as well.

      Take care you all.

      Team Members
      On the outside I may appear like an emotionless sarcastic piece of shit, but just like an onion, when you peel off more layers, you find the exact same thing every single time and you start crying.

      If the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off!

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    • Very well said Lobbie. :)
      I hope everyone will take the time to read this, and speak up with everything that's been happening here.
      Thank you Lobbie, for that wonderful message. :)
      And let me just say something, that If you don't agree or don't want to say anything nice about the person,
      Just don't say anything at all. Respect other people's opinions and such. I hope we all learned a valuable lesson here.
      We are all bros here in this community, and we all have nothing but each other to have.
      Let us help build this community, make it a more warm place to be.
      I would like to say my appreciation to the mods who take notice to these kinds of issues here on the site.
      I salute to you lads! :D
      "For I am invisible in the crowd of strangers, will you ever see me in this unending sea of faceless people? Or will you too, ignore me and let me drown in this sorrow, and be forever tortured by solitude.."

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    • If you need help with anything that has been said above, if you are being cyberbullied, harassed or whatever that doesn't make you feel comfortable, please consider talking to the ones you trust. Talking always helps, even telling the story could just be a big relief to you. And sometimes people will help you. No, not sometimes, I'd say in all cases they will be able to help you.

      And we, as your staff team are there to help out too. If you have anything, even the smallest bit of unhappiness or if you are just feeling down and you don't have someone to talk with, talk with us. We'll listen to you, I'm certain about that.
      And, we help each other. Because it's not "me" or "you", it's "us". A community.
    • The comfort i can provide is minimal, the help you can get is infinite, people tell me about their problems all the time, but there's only so much i can say and only so much i can do, if you are struggling, get help, even if you only get one helping hand, it's better than nothing, If you need advice on something, i am here to help, contact me in the chat, Email, or Skype, But like i said, there's only so much i can do, if your getting bullied on this site, tell a mod, they'll help you if they can, i know it, your never alone in this world, there is always someone there to help, sometimes you just have to find them.

      ( Thx Lobo (Ritz) )

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    • I'll admit something. I have been cyberbullied before and it really hurts. I'm glad that Lobo posted up this to remind everyone how bad and hurtful cyberbullying is. Even though one might not mean it or directly cyberbully someone, it leaves a great amount of damage to that person.
      I've watched a movie called "Cyberbully" and I found out that the effects of cyberbullying are crazy. One devastating effect took place in October 2012 when this girl named Amanda Todd posted a video about how she was getting bullied at school and cyberbullied at home. After posting her video in September 2012, she received tons of negative comments such as, "Drink bleach. You should commit suicide." and stuff like that. After a month later, October 2012, she committed suicide. The effects of cyberbullying is serious and if one thing goes wrong, then this may happen.
      Of course cyberbullying can happen because of many things such as hatred for the person, mocking the person, or because for revenge. If it is for mocking purposes, I do not think cyberbullying is the best way to mock someone; in fact, I do not think it is good to mock someone in any way, shape or form. If it is for revenge or hatred, it still doesn't justify that one should cyberbully to take on revenge or to show hatred on that person. There are many other ways to do express revenge or hatred rather than bullying someone.
      Finally, I do not think that cyberbullying is good nor is it justifiable. However, I understand why people may cyberbully (unless it's used for mocking purposes). There is a reason to everything in life no matter what people do whether it is bullying, mocking, hating, etc. I do understand why a person might cyberbully but that does not justify nor give people the right to cyberbully. I totally disagree with the action of bullying someone and I hope that this message that Lobo put up will spread to everyone in the world.

      PS. Thank you Lobo cx (Hvala xD)

      私の名前は柊 シノアです。

      あたしはアニメが好き 。

    • This is a great story, not only for this community but for every internet community out there. People often forget that there is a person behind the username. Animosity takes the humanity away and therefore many people find it hard to show empathy or to be considerate. It's easy on the internet to say that someone is stupid, posting horrible things and flat out threaten someone, as I've seen dozen of times before on forums.

      To me, it's all about respecting someone else's opinion and believing in your own(yes, that's actually a line from Metal Gear Solid 4). Even if you do think someone else is being stupid or annoying, you don't have to scold that person. You can be polite and actually talk with him or her. There is no need to write angry responses, because you are behind a keyboard. You can take the time to respond, you can delete words and you have to press enter before you actually post something. It's different from real life, where emotions can take the upper hand and make you say things you shouldn't say. Granted, I've been guilty in the past to write angry comments, but I (as everyone else) can learn from that. THINK BEFORE YOU POST SOMETHING.

      Another problem I see, is that people always like to point to other to the others. "It's not my fault, he started!", or "Well he said _____ so I had to respond like ____". You know what; you can't change how someone else reacts or acts. But you can control what you say. Be the better person and show that you are way more mature. Is someone being a douche? Don't react like a douche. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience (Mark Twain). Stop with pointing fingers and look at your own actions. You yourself alone are responsible for them. So before you say things like "he started to annoy me, so I started to post mean comments on his wall", think about what you did. It's the major flaw of human being, that we have the idea that we should take revenge on the same level (or worse). And oh, one more thing: It's the internet. You can block people, you can report to mods and you can turn off your computer. That's all.
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    • At the end of the day, this is the internet. Why bother being nasty? It doesn't make anyone feel good.
      If you do experience anything here on the forums, please, please, please, contact us with evidence. We're here to support and protect you bros. :)
      Cyberbullying is a nasty thing, I'm fortunate enough to have avoided it for as long as I've been on the internet, but I'm fully aware of it's existence. And I despise it.
      So uh. I write
    • Pvt Lederhose wrote:

      I came for my cookie =3=

      We may be a lot different in our ideologies you an I (which is totally fine), Lobo, but it's good to see that some basic human decency hasn't changed no matter what one might think. :3

      Indeed, the point is that, no matter how different ideologies may be, they should never determine the way you present your decency and morality and ofc tolerance. It should not depend on that.

      And as promised... *gives cookie* ;3
      On the outside I may appear like an emotionless sarcastic piece of shit, but just like an onion, when you peel off more layers, you find the exact same thing every single time and you start crying.

      If the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off!
    • I would like to thank the whole team for their awesome involvement in the website. I know some websites that have "team members" who actually participate in some of the activities that they "preach" against. I think you guys are all amazing and it is really cool that you support everybody and that you are here for us. You guys deserve a cookie (or two).

      - From a grateful user
      I'm dying on the inside and he doesn't seem to care