Vinyl is Life, Life in Vinyl

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    • Vinyl is Life, Life in Vinyl

      Hey there, Julia from Germany here :)

      Im pretty new to this forum so if there are any mistakes regarding formating, Im learning ;)

      My obsession was Music ever since I can remember and im collecting vinyl now for almost 1 and a half year. 5 years ago, while being on my very first trip to London, i discovered electronic music for myself. Before that i used to listen to stuff like Blink 182, Rise Against you name it but i got somewhat bored of it so i searched for something new, something refreshing. So while i was on my trip i found this mix CD which i cannot remember except the track which got me into Drum & Bass: B-Complex Beautiful Lies. So i got addicted to that track and i kept searching for new material (Music) to satisfy my addiction. After discovering more and more amazing artists and the howl scene behind the genre I told myself that this is what i want to do in my life: producing and collecting music.

      So here I am.Having my own little production kit and a Vinyl collection consisting out of almost 160 black plates and counting. Im really obsessed with it.

      My question now is if there are any other people out there who enjoy listening to music as much as i do. :)
      If you have any question regarding this topic feel free to ask!

    • well I used to love K-Pop (considering I'm Korean) and then Korean Ballads, and then K-Pop again, and then American Pop, then K-Pop, then American, and finally Anime music. From Junior year, I've been obsessed with Anime and from there, I came to enjoy Anime Music. >w< and that is so cool you and your liking of Vinyl! So old-school but wow!! What's your favorite music in Vinyl? Mine is probably from the Beatles. cx

      私の名前は柊 シノアです。

      あたしはアニメが好き 。

    • well, i didn't actually loved Music as a kid, i found them to be annoying, but since i started watching Digimon when i was 5, i started to love Music. back then i only knew it as Digimon Song, not knowing it was Anime Music. after starting to like music, i begin to listen to K-pop and completely fell in love with it. After graduating from 6th Grade, i started to listen to Rock and such. And now i know how much music is important in my life. i've also listened to some Vinyl records of Queen, cause i just love Queen
    • I also enjoy anime music :) especially those intro songs for anime series like attack on titan or the Music used in all those studion gibli movies :3.
      But my favorite type of music is a genre called Drum & Bass. Almost all of my vinyls are from Drum & Bass artists like for example to most recent one I bought. It's a limited edition (only 50 copies worldwide were produced) and it's made out of handmade cardboard with a hand drawn album cover on it. The vinyls themself are in 2 thick cardboard sleves with the sides ( A side, B side ) written with gold foil on them.

      It's just so awesome :3
      and btw if you're interested in which may most favorite song is. Check out ivy lab - Oblique or Ivy Lab - Twenty Questions