What was your first Impression ?

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    • To be honest I didn't like him at first. Or more accurately, his video style. Pewds himself seemed nice and I had nothing against him. His style was just so different to the kind of LPers I was used to watching I think. This was around the end of 2011. I went away and forgot about him for a while. Then I stumbled upon it again a few months later and watched a few more and then I finally "got" it - I realised I was smiling and feeling happy. It was weird.
    • When i watched pewdiepie at first i found him amazing. even today i still like watching his videos because i feel like i have a link with him. What's great about him is that he can talk about anything and he will always look where others might not look. He brings a vision that makes horror looks less horrorful . Thank you for that pewdiepie.