Curious about the origin of Marzia's name

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    • Curious about the origin of Marzia's name

      Anyway, I was wondering where the origin of Marzia is from. Is it from Sweden like Felix? or elsewhere

      NOTE: I made a post i deleted, it was embarrassing(if anyone saw it), but i forgot the name of the pug, and mixed it with marzia, again its late, im tired, and im not thinking right. I apologize.
    • Short answer:
      It is probably an Italian name.

      Not so short answer:
      The name Mars was used in the early Roman mythology as early as 500 before Christ. The origin of this name is unclear, but likely to be derived from the Etruscan word "Mar" for harvest. Mars probably inspired an early Roman king to name himself Marcus.

      As with every other royal name, it became popular in the depending empire and vanished with its fall. Later, around 1100 after Christ, it resurfaced in documents in Scandinavia. The Latin name Marcus existed though the dark ages and was translated into its Italian forms Marcio and later Marzio.

      Only as late as in the 19th century, with a sudden fashion of roman catholic saints names, the name Marzio became popular in Italy. Marzia was later created as the feminine form of Marzio and is still a common Italian name until now.