The forums were on Kotaku! (well, kinda)

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    • The forums were on Kotaku! (well, kinda)

      this morning I woke up to @smk730 linking me a Kotaku article about @PewDiePie and the different opinions about him - and why he isn't as bad as the hardcore gaming crowd likes to depict him. Turns out that the author of the article also researched on the forums and even featured some of the posts that you guys made on here.
      It's one of those articles that kept me reading till the end and I can only suggest you do the same, so without further ado, here's the link:
      What People Get Wrong About PewDiePie, YouTube's Biggest Star

      In other news, a snow storm hit Pewdie n' Friends yesterday and it's now snowing on the site. Happy holidays everyone!
    • That's so cool, even though I don't really take part in the PewDiePie part of the forum xD

      Also, as announcer of spring, this snow greatly displeases me.

      Also: "I was greatly amused by the weirdly specific rules... '"Please try to have normal conversation and not shout Pewdie quotes constantly'"

      Though I feel that you can't really experience the forum community unless you're IN the community xV

      I smack you with my petals
    • Ya I read it...
      Tho, at first I frowned at the writer researching us.. I know, that's stupid lol.
      I, also, kept reading tomthe end. I am not sure...if it really gave a perfectly positive image or not.
      But I gotta say......finally someone asked "us" about why we watch, why we are apart of this community...
      It ended pretty well, at leastx formthe most part.

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    • to think, in early September, we were the deddest forum around, and we never even talked about Pewdiepie, and now we're (sorta) on Kotaku, featured in a Pewdiepie article...

      It's amazing, and even terrifying how fast things change. Makes me feel nostalgia.

      I smack you with my petals
    • I read it all (mostly i skipped some parts im sorry D:) its been a while since i read so much >.> i normally can't be bothered..... and i liked reading it c: it reminded me of things.... like when pewdiepie started and how he is just a person making the videos and posting them on youtube without anyone elses help, with no crew, making it feel like its really him talking to us and that he edited his own video in his own magical way.
      Also lovely snow c: it remindes me we are close to christmas.
    • Loved that articl :3 Really accurate for once :D Maybe us fans (well bros ^^ ) can finally get some recognition and not be treated like immature idiots that like to shout at games and lounge in their computer chair while laughing at Pewd's jokes... We are more then that, come on! We're a great community who supports a great man that likes to entertain us for the sake of doing it because we enjoy it :) So I really appreciate the fact we 'figured' in that awsome article :D Thanks Patricia Hernandez for publishing this ^^
    • I read the whole thing, and trust me it changed allot from how many people are on this planet PewDiePie isnt liked nor disliked its just people's opinions and nobody can change them, some people wanna be the black sheep of the flock if you know what I mean. PewDiePie is more realateable than Tom Cruse or Simon Cowell, you know that he isnt some brick wall that won't collapse but he's got humor no matter how much he curses or screams for Edgar to stop making out with him but what I'm trying to say is that no matter how many subs, fans or bros he has someone will dislike him. I was reading the comments and this guy was circling about 'how teenagers are £@&?! Idiots' but that isn't true some teenagers are really nice and not jerks or trouble makers. Pewd does act like a teenager but he is mature enough to own a house right? And he doesn't always scream (youtube is broken!)

      Anyway, keep being awesome! Bro-fist for you all :brofist: <3
    • Thats such a long post until I saw the replies/comments.
      Some people hate him or what.
      but Pewds just keep being fabulous because he want us to live in a happy life.
      and they can't say teenager are ******* idiots that's to overly
      they can choose don't watch or unsub Pewds.
      Haters gonna hate you knw...

      but pewds,keep goin' :)
      :brofist: :brofist:
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