Broarmy AMA #5: Ritual Lobotomy

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    • Broarmy AMA #5: Ritual Lobotomy

      Broarmy A(sk) M(e) A(nything) will essentially try to make it easier for bros to be introduced to other bros around the forums. Staff members and normal users will be selected every two weeks & asked a couple of "get-to-know-you" questions for them to answer.
      The questions with the user's answers on them will be posted every two/three weeks for bros to comment on.

      We'd like to welcome our fifth candidate for Broarmy AMA: Ritual Lobotomy

      1. What was your reaction when we asked you to join the team?

      -Well, something like this: "...Ha. Ha-ha. That is really funny j... oh, you're serious. Well now, if you insist..." But so far so good ;3 I like it.

      2. What's your idea of a perfect day?

      -Spending time with my loved one (;3), engaging in some kind of exciting outdoor activity if the weather allows it, otherwise go bowling or arcade. (Food in between. Food matters.)

      3. What's your favourite tv show?

      -Wow, hard one already? I have a lot of shows I like, but shows that I really love the most are: Criminal Minds, Cold Case, House, Lie to me and Psych (I cry every time over that lousy ending T^T). Though, as I said, I watch only those I actually enjoy.

      4. Your house is on fire and after careful consideration you decide to book it. You can save 5 items regardless of their size/weight: what do you pick?
      [*]Box with personal documents (ID, passport... )[*]My bookcase with what is inside (I would find a me)[*]Phone (to replace my laptop if I am not able to save it. I hate it anyway...)[*]Plushie Taz[*]Jewelry (sell it, buy better things than those you have lost ;3)
      5. If you could bring back one extinct species to wreak havoc in your city, what would you choose?

      -I would definitely choose my all-time favourite extinct species of Smilodon (or Sabertooth tiger if you like). Moving fast, hunting in packs, taking down mammoths, skilled climbers... them sexy beasts have it all :V

      6. Where do you see yourself in five years?

      -Hopefully there where the heart is, so I can smile while beating up people ^3^ and of course on the job that I am studying for.

      7. You can have an unlimited supply of one item, excluding money/valuables like gems or gold. What do you pick?

      -As much as I am trying to think of something intelligent to impress you all (not really), Only one thing comes to my mind this all time... Candy. So there. Candy.

      8. What are the top 3 best moments of your life?
      [*]Being born. Life is good regardless the trouble.[*]Meeting my special guy
      [*]My first snake encounter. I was five, it was a corn python and I love reptiles ever since :3
      9. What is, in your opinion, the best superpower?

      -Most definitely telekinesis. I believe one of the most useful and the most powerful ones.

      10. Favourite food?

      -Any kind of sea food or spicy food, though I like to experiment. You can't know what you hate till you try it.

      11. All time favourite book?

      -This is the most unfair question anyone can ask me ;3; ... If I really, REALLY have to choose... I choose... uh... uuuuh... Either "The Shining" by Stephen King, or "Redbreast" By Jo Nesbø. ANd these are just cause I read them the fastest, nothing more. (Apologies to all other hundreds of books I own and I'd read ._. I am so sorry...)

      12. How do you spend your free time?

      -Indoors, I mainly read, craft things, do some art or play some games. Outdoors, it is usually riding a bike, exploring cause I am one curious little shi...taki mushroom or anything away from the city. From time to time going to movies and other happenings around the city.

      article written by @Ectre.
    • LilyWhite wrote:

      you and @Ectre are too adorableAnywho, I must ask, LOBO, WILL YOU HUG ME? <3

      You are too kind ^^ but thank you very much And fine, you bought me with your compliment *hugs Lily* There.

      n4ulquiorra/ichi wrote:

      if a hobo in the street came up to you and begged you for money what would you do?

      It happened a lot to me. I am highly sceptical person by nature and I always think thrice before doing that. I often offer to buy them some food instead. I rarely give money. Only if I don't need the change I have or I really can tell that person needs it. Though, around here, they came up with such good tactics to take your money.

      Forsaken wrote:

      No surprise how you got yourself nice looking for ectre. Any way you could possibly mhm... Poke everyone once and awhile?

      Well, Ectre deserves the best. Don't know what he is doing with me since that is the case (don't kill me hun), but I know that I am one lucky girl ;3 As for pokes, I shall poke people on Mondays. I hate them anyway, so that should make me feel better.

      PeaceKeeper wrote:

      Fire axe or kitchen knife? (classic looking one ofc)

      *hugs PK* Everyone happy. And for everyday use, knife of course, but fire axe is more swag so I shall go with that :3

      Mystery wrote:

      AND THAT'S WHY I AM YOUR KITTEN ;3If you could visit 5 people from the forums, who would you visit? Have you and @Ectre played Mount Your Friends yet? (hue.) What would you do if @PeaceKeeper is standing before your house with a Hellcat? Can I give you a hug because you're awesome? Can I have some milk pls?

      You are one special kitten yes
      1. Ectre (and will, ASAP), Max (cause he STILL owes me that rum. Time to pay a visit...), Dastanael (to have a decent girl's talk without the girlie things), Miinuko (them grenades must not wait) and Phoenix Flames (cause pancakes. Nough said)
      2. ...What did you hear? e3e
      3. I would force him to give me a ride for free cause I got Kat as my hostage
      4. Why yes, yes you may ;3
      5. *gives milk* ^^

      Terrion1989 wrote:

      What is it that you like the most about being a mod.

      Being able to torture pe...I mean being able to set an example and maintain order. It is in my blood, what can I say. ;3

      Clockwork CopyCat wrote:

      Wanna join my Xmas photoshop ? (like the Bro.Bar version)

      If it will make you happy then sure why not? :3

      Mehgo wrote:

      How many times do you tap that beard per day ? o:Hehe.

      You mean per minute? :V I tap that beard all day, every day... cause I can ;3
      On the outside I may appear like an emotionless sarcastic piece of shit, but just like an onion, when you peel off more layers, you find the exact same thing every single time and you start crying.

      If the world didn't suck, we'd all fall off!

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    • Okay. Something needs to be made clear here sweetie. I read your answers (ALL OF THEM) and one in particular irritated me. You might be a lucky girl for having Dano but he is also very lucky having YOU. Don't ever dare to think otherwise.

      Back to subject.

      If you could use any mean without being put in jail for doing it, what would be your favourite way of torturing someone?
      -Faceaxe forever-
      I'm so nice...