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    • Superhero RP

      Despite a few good rps still active, I think some people are afraid to step into this glorious world where the only limitation is your imagination... and the rules if you are on another persons rp. Either way, this roleplay would take place in a slightly futuristic era, in which robots are able to learnd, but still follow the laws of robotics. the best way to describe this era though is Big hero 6 (so if you have seen it think of that time). Now, onto the rules and guidelines.

      -No kill without consent
      -you must limit yourself to your powers. BUT, if you have a robotic suit, you must limit it to its original purpose. Example; If a helmet is meant for defence it could create a forcefield (more specific is more enjoyable. For instance, a forcefield that can block temperature based attacks cannot stop actual physical attacks, only the heat part.)
      -DON'T USE THE SAME COOKIE-CUTTER CHARACTER. What I mean here is don't have the always quiet insecure one; or at least try to avoid that sort of person as much as possible. everyone having a bad past just ruins the feeling.
      -Try to keep it pg-13.

      End rules

      Guidelines and advice:
      Powers should be limited, such as having ice control. Now, if someone has any alteration abilities they can provide a temporary exchange until and/or a tech-savvy hero steps in. Even then, the more powerful or able an invention, the more costly and or rare the materials end up. All in all, The powers should be limited as usual. That aside...

      Its-a-waitn'! First couple posts should describe how we meet and who we are, and/or what sort of group we are.

      Alignment: (Hero/villain; feel free to switch if it fits!)
      Name and codename: (codename can also just be your alter-ego; for example, bruce wayne and batman.)
      Power/ area of study: (this is self explanatory, but area of study marks your STRONGEST (that means that you CAN know other areas of tech/science) area of knowledge)
      Race: (anything goes; robot, demon, kitsune, alien, angel.... you name it.)
      Appearence: (this is simply how you look in the ro. Images accepted.)
      Other notes:

      So, for those of you who want the bare basics, feel free to introduce yourself to this glorious, brave new world! :thumbsup:

    • Alignment: Neutral Evil (I'd say we use the normal alignments, such as this one.)

      Name and codename: Felicia Faraday, also known as Ferris.

      Power/ area of study: Extreme healing factor. Handy with pistols, heavy armory, everything that has bullets. And experienced with a pair of swords.

      Age: Appears 19, could be older.

      Race: "Kitsune. As if you can't see that!"

      Personality: Ferris, as the name implies, is a joyful personality. Her job is not that playful, though. As mercenary, you've gotta be serious. Not that she can't kick ass though. In general, she can be described as playful, easily distracted and very sensual. She likes women. Rawr.
      She values honesty a lot.

      Appearence: A normal human, as it seems. Except from some... Fox-like parts. Dressed in a long coat, simple shirt, some shorts, and a pair of combat boots. Armed with two katana's, two rapid revolvers and a shotgun, prepare for a battle. She can, however, just go in fur. (see note @ Other things.)

      Other notes: Uhm, she can control if she wears clothes or she's going with fur only. That's not really a power, I think...

      theme: KLIK!

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    • I'm both interested and a bit bored, so here's a sheet.

      Alignment: True Neutral

      Name and Codename: Oalei Ragorma, the Phoenix.

      Power/area of study: Total control over the element of fire. Handy with blades and heavy armor, and is currently studying blacksmithing.

      Age: True age unknown. Appears 19-ish.

      Race: Ifrit. Usually depicted as a large winged creature of fire, either male or female. However, sizes and appearances vary widely. They (or at least the version I'm using) are usually humanoid in appearance, with large wings on their back. Anything other than that is fair game. They're known for their affinity with fire, and their usually incredibly strength. While their wings do allow flight, it does begin to tire them out after some time; Think of a half-hour casual flight as taking a jog for the same amount of time.

      Personality: Calm and collected half the time. Speaks little, but is polite if a bit snarky when he does. Other traits currently unknown. He is best described as a comically serious blood-knight.

      Appearance (Text): Oalei is an incredibly tall individual, roughly 9 feet tall, and that is no exaggeration. Apparent gigantism aside, he maintains a somewhat slim build with more than a fair amount of visible muscle. Great feathered wings colored red are visible on his back, more than capable of enabling flight. His short hair is red, and his eyes are a bright yellow. He is rarely seen without armor or blade.

      Other: Oalei has a tendency of making swords, and only swords, so heavy and unwieldy that only someone of his size and strength could wield them properly without tiring out in minutes. Either he is really bad at making a proper blade, or the absurd weight is deliberate. Either way, you don't want to be hit by them; they still cut really well.
      Considers katanas obsolete and overrated to the extreme. Well... Overrated, at least.

      Theme: Click!

      You know, most people call me insane...
      That's what happens when I try to reason with people, they don't like it, and I eventually end up turning them to charcoal in the end...

      Why are you looking at me like that?

      Despite popular belief, I did not draw the avatar I'm using. I can't draw.

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    • Name: Sayuri (No last name known.)

      Alignment: Chaotic neutral

      Power: Silver tongue. Anything she says becomes accepted as truth for anyone listening, no matter how absurd it is. For example, she could say the sky is green, and everyone who heard would see the sky as green. This ability does not extend to causing people pain or doing things blatantly against their character, such as enslaving them.

      Age: She appears to be around 18

      Race: "Silly~ I'm a kitsune~ Seven tails, going on eight~"

      Personality: Incredibly bubbly and open, always happy, even in the darkest of times. She is a being of pleasure, however, taking to doing whatever she desires.

      Appearance: She stands at barely five feet tall, with seven long, fluffy, snow white tails, capped with pink. She has this same coloration on her ears, as well. Her build is thin, and light. Most people could lift her up with one hand.

      Other: She seems to have some catlike tendencies, such as a fixation on yarn, milk, or spots of light. She is also very easily distracted by small things like birds or butterflies.
    • OOC: oh, yeah. Themes are welcome, but please note they should only be used in places where true character is revealed, they go all out, etc. I shall make a sheet now, and then we will begin to shape this world...

      Alignment: Good; hero
      Name and codename: Norman; Epsilon
      Power/ area of study: Technology, specifically suits with small weaponizations.
      Age: 18
      Race: Human
      Personality: While a bit reserved in his regular life, he is happy to interchange strategies and what not
      Appearance: this
      Other notes: While he has a mech suit (that but blue and silver), it is mainly defensive. There is a physical force field generator that can hold up to four but tires him out if used for longer than 3 minuets. He has small gas rockets built into his wrist area, which have varying, sometimes random effects. His visor provides a long range scan and his shoes have jets, along with extremely sharp titanium wheels with near 0 friction after 3 seconds of motion, until he goes to slow down (neural connection), and when the suit begins to overheat, there is a special beam that will cause him to faint, but it removes the energy and heat by forcing it all into a single beam from the center of chest.
      Theme: Aerodynamic- Daft Punk
      OOC: alright... so, despite your current alignments... what should the whole situation be when it comes to buildings and whatnot?

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    • OOC: Sure. We will begin with just the average day, before the weather sirens went off. Ironically, it was just a severe thunderstorm, but it seemed dangerous... It caused a 3-hour blackout, And go from there

      IC: "crap. And just when I-" suddenly the landline went off. "...what? I must have it hooked up to the backup." Upon picking it up he got a shock, and no one was there. "faulty programming." He made his way for the backup power switch, and flicked it on. It was very bright in comparison to the inky black sky, and unintentionally noticeable, but being out in a college campus helped a bit, especially when he had the entire lab to himself.

    • It was a calm, quiet walk for Oalei. Now, I know what you're thinking, calm and quiet is not what you'd describe a thunderstorm, and you'd be completely right. However, someone like him generally didn't mind such things; Hell, the rain didn't even have much effect on him, whatever drops made contact with him evaporated within seconds. Perhaps the sizzling sound may have made him seem suspicious, if the wearing of armor and sheathed bastard sword didn't already make him such, and the fact he was a giant to most people... A winged giant. Thankfully, hardly anyone was willing to go outside in this weather.

      Only one problem, though; He could hardly see anything. There was no starlight nor moonlight for him to see by, so he was forced to rely on other means. That would be the reason for the bright fireball in his left hand. Even with that, he had no real clue as to where he was going. His home was most definitely not within walking distance, and taking to the air in this weather would hinder more than it would help.

      Sighing deeply, Oalei finally admitted it. 'I am lost... I do not have a single clue where I am right now. Perhaps a stroll in this darkness was not the best idea...' He only now noticed a fairly bright light in the distance, probably the only building around with any power at the moment. Shrugging, he began making his way towards his new destination, hoping to have a place to stay, or at least a map.

      You know, most people call me insane...
      That's what happens when I try to reason with people, they don't like it, and I eventually end up turning them to charcoal in the end...

      Why are you looking at me like that?

      Despite popular belief, I did not draw the avatar I'm using. I can't draw.
    • "AAAARGH, I HATE RAIN!" Ferris muttered. Dressed in a long coat, she was walking in the showering rain. "This'll probably get my gunpowder wet or something... Why would anyone want me to deliver a goddamn package to a godforsaken lab? I'll ask for a bit more than my usual fee this time..." She kept on walking to the light in the distance. "Ah, my destination. I hope the company is better in there than here."

      After a small walk, she stood before the door. *Knock knock*. "Delivery!... i feel like a mailwoman..." Ferris said the door. She sat down on the ground and wrings out her tails. "Urk, that's going to take ages to get the smell out." She concluded.
    • Upon reaching the door of... wherever this building was; Oalei didn't know and didn't much care. Anyway, upon reaching the door, he happened upon a peculiar sight. One of the fox-folk delivering a package. She didn't seem to hear his approach, being too busy wringing out her tail and overall complaining.

      He said nothing, right up until the door opened. It appeared the boy living here failed to notice him as well, a fact which was starting to annoy. Either these two failed a spot/listen check badly, or they were deliberately ignoring him. He slipped inside after the kitsune while the door was open. He hoped this nobody notices the big winged guy thing wouldn't be a running gag, this was beginning to be downright eerie.

      "I would prefer a map, if you don't mind; That is all I need or want." He finally said as the boy headed off back, apparently to make sandwiches(?). He could already see the wide-eyed stares now... "...I've been here the whole time." He said preemptively.

      You know, most people call me insane...
      That's what happens when I try to reason with people, they don't like it, and I eventually end up turning them to charcoal in the end...

      Why are you looking at me like that?

      Despite popular belief, I did not draw the avatar I'm using. I can't draw.
    • He turned around, shocked. " Oh.... quiet one, aren't you?... Oh, on the note of sandwiches... CK-32!" An odd female voice rang out; it sounded slightly staticy, like when you begin to lose a phone connection. "yes?"
      "could you get me a ham and provolone, with lettuce, tomato and mayo? And a map of the city as well." The voice went silent for a moment, before responding with a simple "ok". The shifting of metal and wires could be heard from the kitchen, along with the sound of a printer. It took a surprising 2 minuets for both of the processes to be done, Allowing for norman to tease the bot, after it had already delivered the snack to norman. After a moment, a small tube of paper fell down, hitting him on the head, "HA-HA, 32. Ha-ha." There was a short giggle before the voice disappeared entirely, and Norman walked up to the rather tall man. "A map of the city, good sir. I apologize for the negligence of your arrival... Are you sure I can't get you anything else?"

    • "Oh, hello there. And, uh, who may you be?" Ferris stuttered. She obviously seemed to be impressed by the size of this man, and she is was looking adored at the big yellow wings. "You're a quiet one, I like that... I'm just here to do my job, doing whatever people want me to do..." Ferris said. She picked up a sandwich and she began to smile from the amazing taste. "Oh boy, these are some sweeeeet sandwiches. Props to the cook." Then, she pointed at the chair beside her. "Come on big boy, sit down. It's nasty weather, no need to get out that fast. Besides that..." *gniffle * "...I might smell a bit wet, but I ain't bad company. Maybe we could travel together?" She smiled.
      "Oh,, and I'm Ferris. "