One experience to rule them all

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    • One experience to rule them all

      Hey there,
      as you may have noticed we did a lightning fast maintenance last night. Result? Look at your address bar right now.
      And with that, I proudly announce that we partnered up with Maker Studios to provide you with one true PewDiePie experience! We won't be using two different brands to host the different PewDiePie services from now on, instead we are returning to our original plans from a little over a year ago when these new project plans first came up. I know many of you asked me why we really need two different sites and if the two couldn't be linked together somehow - this day has finally come!
      What does that mean for you, the user? So far only that instead of going to you're now going to But no worries, is still gonna stick around and will redirect you correctly anytime you visit it. In the future we will intertwine our account system with the rest of the site (get your old accounts moved over) and intertwine the video comments to work correctly with the PewDiePie video player.
      Sound off with any of your thoughts or maybe issues you encountered below!
    • So, Maker studios wont dun goof this time, correct?
      will this mean the moderation team from Maker will join you guys?
      What made this plan FINALLY go down smooth after, well, the incident a year back?
      And out of curiosity, will the Maker studios forum accounts merge with the broarmy.ney database? How will this work for peeps who have an account on Maker's original forum?

    • I'm sure most of you, especially those who have been here for a while, are worried about the future of the forums.

      However, this time things are different and here's why:
      It's not a merge, it's just a cooperation agreement. They handle and we take care of the forums.

      There won't be changes to our team. Not now and not in the foreseeable future.

      I'd like to remind you all that this was the original plan [to have a link on that redirected users to our forums] and there you have it. Nothing more, nothing less.

      All in all, nothing will change for you, the user - So let's not start flame wars on this topic, alright?

      Also, some bugs may appear and some things may be broken at the moment - but fear not, we're working on it.
      Feel free to report your findings by sending a mail to [email protected] .

      -Ectre, Supervising since the dawn of time
    • Well, just to know redirection will be up for how many time ? ( I'm lazy to change the favorite link. )

      Also I don't know if it's a bad thing or not, but good job anyways.
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    • As long as there aren't any problems with logging on and stuff with new users, then this is the best thing to do.
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    • As long as the agreement stays and Maker Studios doesn't suddenly intervene with the forum itself in terms of how things are handled then we're all good here.

      I know Maker Studios and the PewDiePie forum community didn't really get off onto a good start back in the past but now it looks like things are settling towards the right direction.

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    • I will hold myself in reserve for a while. I hope for the best from Maker, but history gives me no reason to trust them. If you guys (da mod gods) trust them, I will claim truce and hold back the flamings of Mordor, Hades and Hell combined. Other wise, I have one thing to ask: grilled, crispy, or incinerated?
    • Not much of a fan of the new name. Broarmy suited it well enough but oh well at least it doesn't crash as much
      OR WILL IT!
      Well, Hope it doesn't or they gone duffed again.
      Isn't that fun with a broken site and broken chats and such much lag it clears out all the forums posts chats and well all the information. hehe

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