Broarmy AMAX #3

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    • Broarmy AMAX #3

      We are introducing a new feature for our forums: Broarmy AMA!
      Broarmy A(sk) M(e) A(nything) will essentially try to make it easier for bros to be introduced to other bros around the forums. Staff members and normal users will be selected every two weeks & asked a couple of "get-to-know-you" questions for them to answer.
      The questions with the user's answers on them will be posted every two/three weeks for bros to comment on.

      We'd like to welcome our third candidate for Broarmy AMA: Max!

      1. You rub a lamp and a genie comes out. You are granted 3 wishes [but can't wish for more wishes or genies]. What do you wish for?
      1. A new gaming PC, lets start with that.
      2. A better Dano, one that doesn't insult Canada as much.
      3. Another lamp to rub.

      2. How come Ectre keeps beating you at every game you guys play together?
      As far as I know, the score should be around 12-14, the last two being the two losses for me on CIV: Beyond Earth. @Ectre claims he has no idea what he's doing in that game, but that's horsesh*t and I demand a lawyer.

      Honestly though, I let him win most of the time. I feel bad about his uber nerdiness and I've noticed that @Ectre gets quite happy when he wins.

      3. Who's your childhood hero?
      Movies: Batman
      Books: Percy Jackson

      4. What's the best thing about being a SuperMod on
      The shiny red title tag. So shiny.

      5. What's your favourite PewDiePie video(s)?
      I haven't watched him on YouTube much but I did enjoy his first few Slender videos.

      6. What's your favourite movie/videogame/song?

      Video games/songs
      • Battlefield series with the theme song.
      • 7 days to die theme..
      • Mike Oldfield - Nuclear ( MGS)
      • The Arrival (Transformers)
      • And Hans Zimmer's MW2 ending song
      • LOTR series
      • Rush Hour 1/2
      • Star Wars 1, 2 and 3.
      • Any move with a German Villain, because why not.

      7. You are on a deserted island. All you have is a coconut tree and a dead snake and a copy of "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand. How do you escape?
      Read the book, meditate on it. Then I'll go to the coconut tree, make like a banana, and hang myself. And that kids, is how I got from the island to hell.

      8. Who is your favourite member of the team and why is it Ectre?
      I would have to say @Ectre, mainly because he's a hilarious troll that makes me feel like complete shite. If I had a glass of water and @Ectre was on fire, I'd drink the water but with some remorse. Just a little.

      9. If you could live anywhere [including fictional places] where would you live?
      Non-fictional: Somewhere in Europe, don't know exactly where though.
      Fictional: The land where Dano's logic makes sense

      10. Describe an average day of your life.
      >Wake up 30 minutes late for class
      >spill coffee on the way out, barely catch the bus
      >wait 10 minutes, sprint out of the bus knocking old people out of the way
      >sprint down the road avoiding silly pedestrians and their plebeian lives
      >run through red light avoiding cars, 50% of randomly tripping and falling like an idiot
      >finally reach destination
      >take a right in 150 meters
      >run past thug nasty # 1 and #2
      >climb up the stairs, spill coffee
      >#fuckthat the janitor will get to it
      >find class conveniently on the other side of the goddamn building,
      >walk in, disturbing the lecture
      >find an empty seat near pissville of the room
      >pull out uncharged dead cellphone
      >whip out notebook and start listening to lecture
      >mfw wrong class.

      That's actually about it.

      11. What's your most embarassing story? Explain what happened in full detail.
      It's not really that bad, but a while back one of my old friends saw me at the local Tim Hortons. She had this nickname for me which she thought was hilarious, and when she saw me I guess she didn't think about it but yelled at me to get my attention. I heard it.. so did everyone else sipping their Canadian coffee at Tim Hortons. Guess everyone was wondering why a random person was yelling Maxipad at the door. Moving on to the next question...

      12. How much do you hate Ectre for asking these questions?
      Stick-ville awaits. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      Got a question you want Max to answer? Go ahead and ask them on this thread!

      Article written by Ectre.

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    • why ectre was the one who took your interview?

      Because I usually ask them & @Ectre wanted to get back at me.

      when are you going to propose to Dano?

      implying I already haven't. JK, he's got @Ritual Lobotomy and I've got @Dastanael <3

      where does getting your hand glued to the table usually fit in your schedule?

      Sometime between 6-7PM (Evenings, after a few rum sessions)

      WHERE is the rum?!

      Somewhere where no human will dare look.

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    • Where did you stash your rum and why ?

      Like I said, in a place where no human shall ever dare look.

      Are you ever going to beat @Ectre at CIV?

      Heh... huehuehuehue, just wait for us to finish the next save.

      Max- What do you think about my title?

      Lies & slander

      What was the feeling when Dano took your job of creating the AmA?

      He only had temp job so I could be the one getting tortured. And the feeling? Terror? Fear?

      When are you going to play Interstellar Marines with me and @PeaceKeeper ?

      When I get past the stupid bots without getting sh*t on.

      How do you get the attention of a girl you really like?

      Fling your poop at her like a monkey, she'll fall in love with you someday.

      So... do you got a jar of dirt?

      That's confidential information that shall not be discussed at the moment.

      When do you decided to become a pirate??

      I woke up one day with a random hat on my head and a pointy sharp thing made of steel on my belt. Ever since that day, I have vowed to sail the seven seas.
      Could have been drunk too, but that's silly.

      & why?

      Who knows?