100 Things we love about Marzia

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    • 100 Things we love about Marzia

      There are a lot of things to love about Marzia, so mind as well name them! If you add some continue from my number!

      1. Her accent is by far the most amazing thing, her voice is just harmonious.
      2. She has such an optimistic personality.
      3. Her smile makes everyone happy.
      4. She is just so innocent looking. I would shrink her and take her with me everywhere!
      5. She treats Felix so great, and Felix treats her so good. (OTP!)
      6. She tries her very best to make all of us happy and does a good job.
      7. Amazing taste in clothes and makeup.
      8. She shares amazing stories with us.
      9. She is always so happy!
      10. Shes been through so much and still she is strong and proud.
    • true bros respect marzia

      11. She's... I... I can't... XD
      How can I describe her like this? I love her so much, but I can't really word why.

      12. She has a great sense of fashion ( her fashion has influenced my style :3),
      13. her content is awesome,
      14. she made her channel and videos so... her :D
      15. and she really puts herself in them,
      16. she's very unique
      17. loveable. endearing.
      18. she met her current boyfriend ( ;D ) online, he was from sweden and they had a long distance relationship which can be rough. when he went to see her, she went back with him, to a land she didn't know the people, or the country of, to this strange and completely unfamiliar place, but she still followed him.
      19. so seriously, it's easy to see why pewdie is so in love with this woman
      20. she's the queen of the marzipans and the princess of the bros
      21. marzipans love her
      22. her great diys (clothes, accessories, food)
      23. I actually made bruschetta using her recipe once :D for dinner, for my entire family, it was so yummy!
      24. her love for her pugs
      25. I want to do some more of her diys

      I know these aren't all really "100 things we love about marzia", these are just things I think are some good qualities of her, and things ... idk, that i think are good things.
      I don't like to flatter people, but really I'm very in love with her too. I think felix should hold onto her because she's really something very special.
      Her channel has very high-quality content.
      26. And yes, I like the sound of her voice too.
      27. her cheerfulness
    • uuhh, umm . . . . . !!!

      28. she puts up with the hate
      29. she has originally, great DIY's
      30. her hair is beautiful
      31. she is so sweet to pewds
      32. she likes horror movies (so DoI)
      33. I love her little paper clips
      34. she's open-minded
      35. I love her vlogs

      . . . . . . um, that's all I could come up with without copying, Sorry!!
      Maybe I'll add more later!
      for today to be better than yesterday,
      and tomorrow better than today . . .

      Thank you very much for your time.
      -QuietQuilla :brofist:
    • 36: I love her sense of kawaii stuff :3
      37: she puts up with the hate (also from ppl that hate Marzia's relationship with Pewds)
      38: she recently had an operation and talked about it on youtube! So strong
      39: her intros are so cute
      40: her spooky stories!! Amazing!!!

      There's just too much, and lots of stuff has already been said so this is all I can come up with for now!
    • 46. she's so sweet in person
      47. her style is like just... UGH i want her clothes ok
      48. she is literally so gorgeous
      49. her relationship with pewds is my otp
      50. her little crescent and music note thingy tattoos are so creative
      51. her orange hair is amazing ok?

      ​i have way too many but most of them were already said sooo yea. <3
    • 100 Things we love about Marzia

      51. Her videos like doll world are so interesting. Like she doesn't have to really say anything to make the video good.
      52. She is a great person to look up to with how optimistic she is. Also she follows her passions.
      53. From it seems hate may not bother her or at least it doesn't show. I respect her for that since it must be hard.
      54. Her list of favorite horror movies was pretty on point.