Forum down - What Happened

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    • Forum down - What Happened

      I'm sure you all have noticed that the forums went down for a while.
      We have everything under control now, but we did lose one hour of data.
      All in all it's nothing major, however we will disclose the full details later today.
    • Further details:
      Our security measures accidnetally blocked out the IP the host uses to check on servers, which marked them it as offline. Despite resolving the problem quickly, the system was still soft resetted by whoever handled the issue in the datacenter. Our databases are run from our enormous RAM resources, which as you may know loses all data when powered off. Since the server was resetted, no local copy of the database contents was made and we had to use a backup to restore the site. This caused us to lose about one hour of data that was created, which isn't too bad although understandably annoying either way.
      As far as server upgrades go: new server added to cluster, more performance, yada yada. More details about this another time when everything is finished.