Introducing Me

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    • Introducing Me

      Hello bros! I'm new to this website coming off a PewDiePie video where he suggested the website.
      I'm Argentine, 18 years old and I develop websites.
      I love sports, music, investigation, physics, mathematics, information systems, electricity and YouTube, obviously, among many other things.
      I don't consider myself patriotic, I'm not a fan of Argentina as many Argentine people and that is a huge reason why not many people like me, but I fortunately have lots of friends that accept me the way I am, even tho I don't really fit in here.
      I have a girlfriend who I love a lot, but unfortunately, she lives in Canada. We've been together for almost 2 years now.
      I spend most of my time working on websites or video calling my girlfriend.
      I am a graduated Electro-Mechanical Technician out of the Technical Secondary School #2 of Bahia Blanca, Argentina.
      I speak Spanish and English as primary languages, I know a little bit of Italian and I am learning Japanese and Chinese (Mandarin - Traditional).
      I am an Apple guy... but unfortunately I could only have an iPod touch 5th Gen which I got stolen on the street while going home as a guy pointed at me with a huge knife. He also took my phone. I could only enjoy that master piece of device for 3 months. But I have been saving, so a Mac is coming home!

      I think that's all I'd like to share for now, I don't care if anyone reads it but here's to the ones who do!

      Peace on the streets saaaaaaaaaaan! ?( .. Oh, wrong channel. BRO-FIST! :brofist: