A few site suggestions (if possible) for the new version

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    • A few site suggestions (if possible) for the new version

      I'll make this short, sweet, and to the point, just like my junk.

      I want to know if and how possible would it be to add in a sort of link posting input bar in the chat, that instead of asking permission to post the links, they post them in there, and then if anyone clicks okay (as in a pop up) it'll allow it to be posted.

      Secondly, would it be possible at all to have a sort of reply function in posts on the chat, so that you can click reply to a person's post, and under it (sort of like on Facebook's new comment reply function) it'll appear with their reply? This way instead of bumping it up each time in chat and you have to scroll to find it, you just find the original post in the chat and read the replies? It might seem like a lot, and if it's too much to do, I understand.