Which relationship is better?

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    • well, im currently in a relationship with a girl in canada. We actually met on youtube. We talk everyday, and stuff like that. I gotta admit bros, its pretty harder being in this type of relationship and staying committed. Just because they arent there in front of you. It just matters what kind of person you are. If you can do it, good on yah mate. But don't do it if you can't because youll end up in the relationship for all of the wrong reasons.
      with that said, a real life is a preferred for me.
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    • Psychologically, you don't get the same "pay off" from an online relationship because the social queues, body language
      and (as earlier mentioned) mannerisms aren't there.

      It can make people happy, but it's not the same as a real relationship...

      I definately have to say a real relationship is the best.
      Having that person to laugh with, cuddle, tell stories and really spend time with can't
      be beaten!

      Yes there are arguments and such, but a good relationship is totally worth it :P
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    • For me - real life. Why? Because relationship "online" can be only a first step to have relationship in real life. Also - real life relationship is... Idk, more real, you're liking people even more, you know you can trust them, building something more special.
    • I prefer purely internet relationships. I know this person can be not the way they want me to see, but that's less hurtful than when someone is lying to me in the real world. Also, I totally suck at real life relationships - I'm far too honest and after some time, my friends have enough and they leave. On the internet I don't really care what those people think of me, we just don't talk anymore and there's no awkward situations or nasty gossips as it usually happens in reality when friendship is over. Besides, once I was an admin of manga and anime website and for the first time in my life I felt like I had real friends. One of those people saved my life, even. It was a really bad time for me and he just understood me and helped me go through when my real life friend didn't give me time of a day. So, yeah.
    • Real life, nothing beats hanging out with someone you like for real, looking at each other on skype won't really do the trick :)
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    • Would it be apt of me to say that the best relationship I've ever been is my current long distance met-online-but-knew-IRL-already relationship?

      And not just because she's watching.

      Incidentally it's also the first time I've dated outside the general social circle. Historically dating within the social circle (so real life, non-long-distance) has caused rifts and whatnot due to drama, not being able to spend time with and pay attention to the group, etc. Dating within the same academic institute can also be a bit of an issue as well.

      tl;dr hai Vics :3.

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    • I'm going to say that it all depends. If you love each other a lot, then distance or the type of relationship has nothing to do with it. Love is a strong and powerful feeling and even over long distances or online, you can trust them if you love them a lot. And who cares if it's not real life. Looks aren't the only thing that matters in love. So I want to say again that everything is all good if you love each other a lot.

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    • I think a relationship that starts online is great, and I've had that happen before when we have become friends and talked for awhile, but then there's that feeling of just wanting to hang out/meet/talk with the person actually IN PERSON.
      So in my opinion, in person relationships are better? I don't know. :s
    • I would say physically and social media. See I have never been in a "proper" relationship. There is this guy that we both feel the same about each other but we can't be together for reasons. I talk to him all the time over text, snapchat, and other means. It is kinda long distance but not. When I see him we are just ourselves. I don't exactly know what to do about it but that is my two cents worth.
      I'm dying on the inside and he doesn't seem to care