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    since u like spamming, i will do likewise ;)

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      rye leave this area

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    You will never escape again

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    you can't.

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    What happened to the comments?

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    Why is there no video threads, now??

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    video bot y u no post u have one job

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    hi can i please know the name of the song used in the intro/outro of the video : WHO WOULD YOU DATE? - Bro-K Cupid - Part 1

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    How do I comment on youtube videos?

  • Fermin D. Hernandez -

    have mark as a guest again

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    I recommend Sword Art Online IRL or FNAF IRL

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    Notice me senpai

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    hi there

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    poods your dog looks like me

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    Hey poods :) I wanted to tell you if you want to play a good and new horror game you should try "White Night" , really spooky :) Thanx for reading and have a good day :)

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    Best video ever as all ways

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    PEWDS and MARZIA is The Cutest Couple <3 <3 ^^ Marzia is SO Cute :D ^^ I kinda Like her HAHa im Just kidding Pewds. But i Really Like Marzia.. <3

  • Fede -

    Funny video Pewds, You always make me laugh, greetings from Uruguay. Love ya :D

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    poodsdeepie make yoself a girl(a fabulos one) and marzia a boy

  • Mike Tsig -

    So RELaTistick Im so amazed ! For realziz though ou make me laugh everytime :D

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    Love you pewds(not ina weard way)! Can you and Martzia do a girlfriend tag??

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    World domination, New world order, Illuminati Bros

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    I've been meaning to ask a request for pewdiepie...o.o

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    This is the best video i have ever seen in my life *Twerking like crazy*

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    Make Pewds does everything this friday plsss