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  • PotatoAlex -

    Um hi ^^ can I ask help? If its okay,

    • Cloud (FrazeTheBear) -

      Sure, what do you need help with?

    • PotatoAlex -

      The greenscreen might have been over but where can I find the footage where Poods made the original greenscreen video part 2? I just want to edit it XD.

  • She-Wolf-By-Heart -

    *hugs you* ^^

  • Metal-Warrior -

    hey thanks for the help dont worry if you didn't know you where helpful

  • ZoniKoni -

    So dude wats up

  • BroShark -

    please follow me

  • Isaiah_Draws -

    Oh hello

    • Cloud (FrazeTheBear) -

      Hey bby

    • Cloud (FrazeTheBear) -

      I'm having troubles drawing faces from different angles D:

    • Isaiah_Draws -

      Oh if u are try drawing a circle to base off the face when you do that draw a horizontal around the face where the eyes should be then when you do that do a strait line down the middle where the nose should be if that dosent make SENCE would u like me to draw mut tile bases for angles of faces for u :)

    • Cloud (FrazeTheBear) -

      I try looking at images and crap. I'm trying to create a manga with a mate and we're working on concept art atm. Fine with everything but angles, haha. Thank you :)

    • Isaiah_Draws -

      Aha lol