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    For those that talk to me regularly will know i wanted to set up another community playdate for awhile and it's finally happening this easter weekend!

    All the info you need is over here: broarmy.net/index.php/Thread/4…?postID=311838#post311838

    Much love <3

  • raptorrr -

    v I am amused.

  • David Logston -

    well it don,t matter who risker360 cause it only matters if pewdie likes it

  • David Logston -

    ok my video was just trashed by risker360 who is risker360 and why you trashed my video it was really good video

    • T0n3man -

      Dude he trashed mine too and I worked long hard hours on mine.

    • risker360 -

      You are posting it incorrectly. don't make a new thread, reply to the contest thread and you will be fine

    • Bundyclan -

      T0n3man,David, I'm sorry for the inconvenience but it's not our job to teach our members to read the rules. You register, you agreed to the rules and you must have read the rules for the competition as well.

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    why did you trashed my post can i ask?

    • T0n3man -

      He trashed mine too after long hard hours of working on it to make it awesome.

    • risker360 -

      You are posting it incorrectly. don't make a new thread, reply to the contest thread and you will be fine

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    Thanks for accepting my request on Skype. ^^

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    soooo i did check the horror anime youve recommended it had a creepy mood but i didnt find it really that scary.... maybe it has something to do with the style or may be im just not a fun peson.... aaannnyyywwaaayyy i think ill watch till the second season to see if it changes

    • secret agent imp -

      Ps: if you have any other cool ones to reccomend im all ears ^^

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    wtf lol

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    btw ur so cute :3

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  • WhiteEnvy -

    so when is my mtue gonna end

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    hey um idk why im muted for like ever from chat??? i didnt do anything??? when i logged back onto chat i was muted and i was confused so can you tell me why and unmute me please? i know there was a person making false/exaggerated accusations but i wont say their name

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    who do you Think you are Calling yourself a Bunny when in fact there are already bunnies here?!

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    Hey if you are on we need someone in Brochat threatening to hack people's account and suff

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    Riskaaaah Nii-chan! :D Hai! (Notice me nii-chan!)

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    Too busy playing League eh?

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    <3 Thank You <3

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    I poked you~ So what?

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    Pretty sure ur not online but meh we got spambot on chatbox forums.pewdiepie.com/index.php/Board/21-Chat-Box/

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    dat hat tho <3

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      Times my sweg levels by 1337

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      oh jussss but why 1337 xD

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    Riskaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Nii-chaaaaaan~

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    risker..i'm sorry to spam..i was asleep..i'm sorry plss don't mute me..plss i'm really sorry.. plss un mute me..i was a sleep...and i press A and..when my phone snooze i press the enter..plss unmute me..plss

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    What's #Panneh > . <

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      SO CUTE <3

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      But you left me... ;(

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    Hi. I'm new to the BroChat forums and stuff so hi hi ~

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    Bunneh! <3 <3