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  • Gonzo Snake -

    yeah I think I'll leave. (almost) all the people I used to talk to aren't here anymore (from what I can tell). see you guys later! talk to me on Steam if you want. don't ban my account in case I ever want to do anything else.

  • Petit Pingouin -

    Your cool profile picture brought me here.

  • Mystery -

    your new pp. It's awesome.

    • Gonzo Snake -

      it's the french poster art for the film Drive, shame it's different in the other regions

  • Gonzo Snake -

    I think I'm gonna step away from this forum now. The introduction of all the PDP fans has clogged this forums with "le epic random banana" memers, it's literally a minefield of shit. Anyone I know, just add me on Steam. It's "mrfreak7"/Gonzo. You might see me occasionally post or lurk.

    • Mystery -

      but... QQ

    • Gonzo Snake -

      just wanna clarify, basically I'm just gonna be here less and post less. I won't be straight up GONE though.

  • Mystery -

    sexy pic you got there

    • Gonzo Snake -


    • Mystery -

      dont pee on me bro

  • Infinitile -

    To my true idol.... Stay safe

  • Silence -

  • Tsukiyomi -

    YEAH Persona and Hiimdaisy rules!!

  • Gonzo Payne -

    Have to do things you already done to get the achivement for them. Great.

    They reset. Super happy fun fun time.

  • legoulbik -

    HMM HMMM HMMM HMMM people of the AhMS I am GHALDMAN
    Oh fuck I forgot that was house of the dead 2/typing of the dead.
    Ok you're new avatar is cool.

  • RamonRedcat -

    Oohmeerguuurd your profile picture is awesooommmmeee